Let it Go 10 Meditation Affirmation Prayers to Let Go and Let God


Letting Go Meditation from Let it Go CD Listen to Samples: MP3s or CD Letting Go
Start Loving Life
Letting Go of Clutter
Let go of emotional and physical weight that you may carry – weight from past mistakes, failures, fearful, guilt, judgmental thoughts – and replace those disempowering thoughts with kind, loving, empowering thoughts.

Includes ebook (delivered via email) with MP3s or CD. Full instructions are given in the email how to download. The CD includes a prayer booklet inside of the CD case.

 Your CD purchase includes immediate downloads and Let it Go companion ebook delivered via email. Inside the CD is a beautiful little prayer booklet holding all of the meditation prayers.

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Learn More About Let it Go

If you are seeking relief from a mind that is full of negative, obsessive or cluttered thoughts, these thoughts will literally weigh you down.

Let it Go – 10 Meditations to Let Go and Let God are recorded prayers put to original music to help you quiet your mind and provide you with peace and inner strength to step into the ultimate person God created you to be.

Examples of these thoughts include:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Doubts
  • Unworthiness
  • Self-criticism
  • Past mistakes
  • Past failures….

By not letting go, you are holding onto weight that weighs you down. This can mean emotional weight or physical weight. Letting go will lighten your body and spirit.

The meditations were created so that you can just listen or repeat them quietly after each phrase. By repeating the affirmations, you are letting them sink into your mind and spirit.

The Meditation Prayers Are For:

  • 1. Awareness
  • 2. Acceptance
  • 3. Letting Go of Judgments
  • 4. Letting Go
  • 5. Letting Go of Cravings
  • 6. Discover Your Strengths and Talents
  • 7. Start Loving Life
  • 8. Invest in Yourself
  • 9. Letting Go of Clutter
  • 10. Embracing Unlimited Potential

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Let it Go

I love the prayers. This is the kind of prayer I was trying to find for meditation.  Beverly from Illinois

Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for producing your latest meditation CD, Let It Go. Your words hit the nail on the head in the very beginning. In this busy time of life, we need to sit back and find peace with God and ourselves to stay balanced.  George from Indiana

I love the Let it Go Meditations. The variety lets you pick which affirmation prayer is right for you. Because we all know how life changes from day to day.  Carol from Massachusetts

Jackie’s calming voice offers a wonderfully positive experience. The meditations contain bite-sized nuggets of truth we need always tell ourselves to live a more positive life. I found them inspirational and helpful to use on a daily basis.  Rick from Florida

What You Will Receive with MP3s and CD Purchase

  • These are high quality MP3 tracks. The CD is high quality, replicated and not duplicated. Both MP3s and CDs were created to be playable across multiple playing devices.
  • Every person who orders will receive the downloadable MP3 files and the 26 page ebook
  • CD purchasers will receive the 12 page prayer booklet in addition to the ebook and downloads
  • Downloads and ebook are delivered via email instructions. CD will be delivered via first class mail.
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Let it Go Meditation MP3s

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Let it Go Meditation CD

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Letting go will give you a lighter mind, body, and spirit. If you want to go even deeper – below is a special offer. 


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Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Guided Meditation CDs

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  • Be Still 5 audio tracks with Meditation Guide
  • Let it Go 11 audio tracks with prayer booklet, and ebook explaining the meditations
  • Trust 5 audio tracks
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It’s only through learning to be still, to let go, and to trust God fully that you can live your life with greater joy, clarity, peace, and direction.

Contact us  if you have any questions or need assistance. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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