The Freedom to Eat - 10 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace

Why Finding Lasting Weight Loss and
Finding Peace Go Together


Finding lasting weight loss and finding peace go together. If you are binging on thoughts (negative mind chatter) of self-loathing, self-judgments, comparing yourself to others, and criticizing every action you take, I’m guessing that you are probably binging on double fudge brownies, Doritos and too many glasses of wine or martinis to numb the pain. The problem with numbing is that it’s only temporary.

You have also probably been binging on images that marketing and our culture feed our minds with. These images are what the “perfect” face and body are supposed to look like. We may think these messages provide motivation. Instead, they are translated into, “You’re not enough.”

Marketing Images of Beauty

If you are searching to find lasting weight loss…. If you are searching to find peace…. You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve put together a free report called Three Diet Traps. These three stumbling blocks are based on three powerful secrets from, The Freedom to Eat book which is in the process of being published.  The traditional publishing process is extremely slow, so I wanted to provide help to you now if you are struggling with your weight.

The Freedom to Eat message has become a mission to help others find freedom. Your feedback is very important to me. If something resonates with you, if you have questions or comments, please respond to the emails or connect with me through the Contact tab at the top of the website and I will respond back to you. Trust is very important. I will never share any comments or publish any testimonials without your permission.

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Here are what others are saying:

Dear Jackie, I read your paper right away and again the following days. You have no idea how powerful the message was to me. Since I read it I didn’t go back to my scale and my plan is to keep it like that.I also try not to avoid any particular food and be aware of what I eat and truly enjoy it.Thank you so much! You are a blessing! I am looking forward to your book.




I’m loving your words so much because they are refreshingly honest and uncomplicated.

Thank you! Loretta


You are the one who has taken it on as a mission to help others, and the idea of having a mission is something that lights a fire under all of us. You are God’s instrument for helping others find freedom by telling them about the path you are taking to find yours – when on a journey, never a bad thing to acknowledge the guide for his courage. It gives other people confidence in the guide and courage to read on.

Have a beautiful and blessed day,


“Faith is a lifelong journey of growth and reflection. Through her words, Jackie has shared the journey of her life from deep pain to joy as she deals with a difficult childhood, weight issues, divorce and lack of self-esteem. I know this, because as one of her pastors, I have had the privilege to walk with her and witness her growth. Trusting in the God of love and mercy, she has reclaimed her life and found joy, meaning and purpose. May her words provide you with the wisdom and encouragement to do the same.”

Rev. Dr. Karen Blanchard – Associate Pastor First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood (St. Louis, Missouri)

My heart’s desire is to be used as a messenger to help others find peace and wholeness because I am now whole.

May you be transformed into the ultimate person God created you to be.

To Freedom,

Jackie Trottmann



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