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Trust in God's Plan and Look for God's Promise in the Rainbow

If you want to learn how to trust God and are seeking guidance from God in your life, I don’t believe in coincidences and that you landed here for a reason. Welcome! I trust that the resources you find here will help you find inspiration, inner peace and guidance.


How I began to truly trust God was by learning the power of meditation and to be still. We meet God in the stillness. In fact, meditation changed my life. It’s also changing the lives of others as they learn to be still and draw closer to God.


A lot of my readers will reach out to me and share that they have a hard time letting go of the past. They can’t let go of mistakes, or failures or decisions that they have made that have had a negative impact on their lives. To trust God you need to let it go


Journaling, or what I call contemplative writing, has also been a way that I have drawn closer to God. If you have never kept a journal, it’s wonderful to record your own faith journey and see how God has moved in your life. Many times I’ve forgotten how a prayer was answered until I go back and read some prior writings.


It Doesn’t Matter Where You are in Your Faith Journey – What Matters is that You are Stepping Out


Perhaps you are new to your faith, or, if you are like me, you are seeking God’s guidance in your life (it’s an on-going process!). It doesn’t matter where you are in your faith journey, what matters is that you are stepping out! Every journey requires taking that first step, then stepping again and again.


Sometimes we’ll make tremendous progress and sometimes we will take a few steps back. That is the nature of the spiritual path. What’s important is to keep moving!


I am juggling caring for my mother, who is 94, and being the primary breadwinner for my family since my husband lost his job at the end of 2009. That happened New Year’s Eve of that year. Happy New Year!


The Spiritual Path is Taken One Step at a Time

So, I can tell you firsthand that God has a plan. Through this tumultuous time I started my own marketing and consulting business. I found that all I did was re-create the same stress I experienced in the corporate world, only now I owned the business!


As I stayed faithful in my meditation and contemplative practices, my life is changing once again  as I continue to let go and let God lead me.


The results are that I am now pursuing my dream of being a published author.


What I haven’t shared so far is that for thirty years I struggled with my weight. Meditation and learning to be still helped me there too.  I try not to have regrets in my life. My only regret is that I spent three decades obsessing about my weight and appearance. I finally have what I call the freedom to eat.  The title of the book is: The Freedom to Eat – 10 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace. I’m working with an agent to get it published. Find out more details on The Freedom to Eat.


Many times I wanted to give up my dreams and just try to find a job. But God has brought incredible people into my life and has financially provided through amazing ways. My new prayer has turned from “Help!” to, “I trust You.” Then, I also have to constantly remind myself to get out of my own way. :)


In The Guided Life emails, I share stories and offer encouragement to help others seek and find God’s guidance in their lives. The last five years I have truly learned how to trust God.


I am looking forward to creating more videos, blog posts and resources to help others as I juggle all of life’s to-do lists. Social media is another animal that I haven’t begun to tackle yet. I am being mindful of committing my time and energy. For now, I’ve just started a Facebook page.  You can support me by liking the page. The Guided Life is where I have been putting my focus.


My readers are such an encouragement to me too! I love it when readers share their own experiences with me. It is such a blessing! I hope that you will join our community. Just click on this link: The Guided Life


My sincere wish for you is that you will enjoy the peace of Christ, that you will live in the present moment, maximize the present moment and step into the incredible person God intended you to be!


Peace and blessings,

Jackie Trottmann


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