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Perhaps you are new to your faith, or, if you are like me, you are seeking God’s guidance in your life (it’s an on-going process!). It doesn’t matter where you are in your faith journey, what matters is that you are stepping out! Every journey requires taking that first step, then stepping again and again.

You will find free and paid resources here to help you grow and stretch your Christian Faith.
Three Keys to Peace Power and Purpose Free Ebook

The spiritual path is not always easy, but it is rewarding. It’s important to stay encouraged. That’s where these two free resources can help you.

Resource one: The eBook called Living Your Life from Peace, Power and Purpose.

Resource two: The Guided Life Ezine. This offers encouragement to share our spiritual journey together in living a life that is guided by God.

How My Journey with The Guided Life Started

My husband Robert gave me the greatest gift in 2008 when he told me to quit my corporate job to write and create. Little did I know that my mother would have health issues that would require a lot of my care and that at the end of 2009 Robert would lose his job. He was our only source of income.

My mother continued to have health issues that required taking care of all of her financial responsibilities and her well being. At times, all I could do was to put one foot in front of the other to keep going.

Through all of this time, God has provided in amazing ways. My mother is now 95 and doing well. The Guided Life has been my own personal journal of sorts, sharing this faith journey. I love hearing from ezine readers and offering help or fulfilling prayer requests.

Since leaving the traditional workforce,  I have truly lived being still, letting go and trusting God. I have discovered that these are the three keys to live life from a place of peace, power and purpose.

Sometimes we’ll make tremendous progress and sometimes we will take a few steps back. That is the nature of the spiritual path. What’s important is to keep moving!

What Matters is Stepping Out on the Spiritual Path

Being Still, Letting Go, Trusting God through Meditation

We live in a world that is constantly connected, where stressing and striving is rewarded and more is expected. The Psalmist says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still is not easy. It may cause you to address deep wounds that you have kept buried.

Learning to be still will bring the wounds to the surface so that you can heal. Then you have to let what has happened or wounded you go. Then you will experience wholeness. Until you are whole, you cannot be effective in your life. You can’t experience true peace and joy.

Letting go of doubts, fears and judgments has allowed me to trust God and trust myself as I step out in faith to write, create and help others discover the power in being still, letting go and trusting God.

If negative thoughts of fear, doubts, and judgments are cluttering your mind, the Be Still guided meditation can help. If you are seeking a deeper relationship with God, Be Still will help. If you are holding onto the past, holding onto judgments, or guilt that can weigh you down, Let it Go will help you.

A guided meditation is the fastest way to clear your mind of cluttered thoughts and experience God’s peaceful, loving presence.


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My Wishes for You

My sincere wishes for you is that you will enjoy the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, that you will live in the present moment, maximize the present moment and step into the incredible, whole, empowered person God created you to be!

I believe that you landed here for a reason. If it’s encouragement you seek, or a companion for your spiritual journey, please sign up for The Guided Life by clicking the button or link. You will also receive the free eBook, Three Keys to Living Your Life From Peace, Power and Purpose. If you want more inspiration to feed your mind, body and spirit, please visit and like my Facebook page. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Peace, courage and abundant blessings,


Jackie Trottmann


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