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This is a weekly email filled with stories, Scripture, and other resources to help you on your spiritual path. It's really my own personal journal as I seek to lead a life guided by God.

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We all need encouragement!

In The Guided Life I share how God has guided me and continues to do so through life’s challenges. God has provided in so many ways! The Three Keys is a visually stunning, 33-page eBook that is quick to read and offers three powerful and easy keys to help you. You can email me any time with questions, prayer requests, or to share your own stories. I love hearing from Guided Life readers! ~ Jackie Trottmann

Aldona from Indiana, USA

Thank you so much for sharing in your emails. They are all inspirational and speak to my heart and soul.

Anne from Ireland

I simply ADORE what you share. It has spoken to my Spirit so very many times. I want to affirm and  encourage you to keep your writing up, this is a unique GIVEN gift of the Holy Spirit.

Jayv from Australia

God and the Holy Spirit use many ways to do their works in me. Without a doubt, The Guided Life is one that does wonders in me. Thanking you.

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