Be Still Meditation 

Relief from Holiday Stress
(and a Special Offer)


The Christmas carol says, “Joy to the world, the Lord has come!” But you can’t feel joy if you are frenzied, overwhelmed, and anxious.

Be Still and Know that I am God Meditation MP3s or CDIf you are feeling the holiday stress of:

• Family gatherings (that may not be so friendly)
• Loneliness
• Financial strains
• Shopping, traffic, parking
• More things to add to an already insane to-do list
• Juggling commitments

There’s relief. Meditation. The Be Still Meditation was created to instantly still your racing thoughts and to breathe in God’s peace. It was intentionally created to be quiet so that you can listen at work, at home, on public transportation, and in your car between appointments (driving is not recommended).

There are two versions: 9:22 minutes and 14:39 minutes along with an additional track of meditative music 14:35 minutes.


Be Still Meditation Testimonials

Angie Monko Be Still Meditation Testimonial

I just love “Be Still and Know That I am God!” I’m amazed at how easy and calm I feel after such a short amount of time! It’s very impactful–so fast and easy.  – Angie


Linda Be Still Meditation Testimonial

Since listening to Be Still And Know That I Am God two times a day for the past several days, I’m calmer and have regained my peace! Blessings! – Linda


Jill Farmer Be Still Testimonial

This CD has become one of my go-to tools for moving from chaos to calm. Jackie’s prompts are concise and inspiring. A must-have for anyone who is looking for relieving stress during the holidays and all year long!  – Jill


Be Still and Know that I am God Meditation MP3s or CD Be Still will help you clear stressful thoughts and transport you to a place of instant peace. The guided meditations use Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Listen to Samples: 
Track 4 Meditation

Track 5 Music

Track 1: Transformation Story 8:11
Track 2: Preparation 2:35
Track 3: Guided Meditation – Short version 9.22
Track 4: Guided Meditation – Long version 14:39
Track 5: Music for Meditation or Relaxation – 14:35

As a bonus, CD Purchasers will also receive the MP3 files. So, you can enjoy the MP3s and give and CD to a friend.

You will also receive a transcript of the recordings with a PDF guide to help you receive the most out of your Be Still meditation practice.

CDs are replicated and not duplicated for the highest quality. MP3 audio recordings are of the highest quality.

Give yourself and others the gift of the Be Still Meditation for relief from holiday stress and daily stress all year long. 


MP3 Downloads Only $12.99

Be Still Meditation MP3s

CD and Bonus MP3 Downloads $16.99Be Still Meditation CD

(Plus $4.95 Shipping in US)


Or Save On CD and Download Bundles
Be Still, Let it Go (10 Meditation Affirmation Prayers to Let Go and Let God), and Trust Meditations and Music

Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Guided Meditation CDs

For a limited time, save 30% on the CD and MP3  audio downloads when you purchase all three. CD purchasers receive three CDs plus the following:

  • Be Still 5 audio tracks with Meditation Guide
  • Let it Go 11 audio tracks with prayer booklet, and ebook explaining the meditations
  • Trust 5 audio tracks
Mp3 Download BundleBe Still, Let it Go, Trust Meditation MP3s

Save $11.97 if purchased separately

CD Bundle With Bonus DownloadsBe Still, Let it Go, Trust Meditation CDs(Shipping $4.95 US)

Save $13.97 if purchased separately – plus, receive bonus MP3s valued at $38.97

Wishing you relief from the stressful holidays as you learn the peace that comes with being still. Discover even greater peace when you let go and trust God.

Have a Merry Christmas, not a harried Christmas!

Peace to you,

Jackie Trottmann

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