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To Meditate or Not Meditate Why Some Don’t Practice Meditation

To meditate or not meditate, that is the question.  Meditation has been a spiritual practice for centuries. Reducing stress, gaining focus and developing a deeper relationship with God are all... Read More

Help for Anxiety – Try this Breathing Meditation Technique

If anxiety and stress are taking over your thoughts, take a seat in a more peaceful place (like the one above) in your mind by using the following breathing meditation.... Read More

How to Connect to God through Mindless Activities

Our connecting with God and practicing ways to be contemplative aren’t limited to prayer, meditation and writing. While I promote prayer, meditation and journaling as powerful tools, there are many... Read More

The Lord is my Shepherd – What Leader are You Following?

Many references are made throughout the Bible about sheep and about the Lord being the Good Shepherd. There is the famous Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall... Read More

How to Clear Mental Clutter from Your Mind

In the last post, I shared with you how to clear physical clutter with 8 questions. In this post we will cover how to clear mental clutter from your mind.... Read More

It’s Okay to Get Angry – Sometimes Releasing Anger is Just What You Need

Now the title of my post of saying It’s okay to get angry does not encourage you to go off on someone or lose your temper. That’s not what I... Read More

Writer’s Block? Tap Into Meditation, Prayer and Nature

I have to say that I am pretty fortunate as a writer that my mind is constantly spinning with creative ideas. But, inevitably, we all hit the wall – the... Read More

Be Still and Know that I am God – The Meaning of Be Still Will Surprise You

“Be still and know that I am God,” is one of the most well known and beloved Bible verses for many. I was surprised to know the meaning of the... Read More

If you Fall off the Meditation Wagon (or Horse) – Just Get Back on Again

The expression to fall off the wagon implies a lapse in being sober. Where the expression to fall off a horse, you need to get back on again implies a... Read More