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Do you ever ask yourself, “What is my purpose? How can I use my gifts? What am I meant to do with my life? I know I used to before I discovered my strengths and how I was wired.

I’m standing here with my friend, Deb Ingino. Her purpose and passion is helping people discover their strengths through her company Strength Leader.

If you have followed any of my writing, you’ll soon learn how passionate I am about a balance of mind, body and spirit. The DISC profile touches on all three elements. Here’s why I so strongly believe in knowing your strengths.



Strengths from a Spiritual Point of View

From a spiritual perspective I love the DISC Personality Style Report because it encompasses mind, body and spirit. Part of the report gives a Biblical perspective on the various DISC profiles. None of the strengths type of analysis programs I have participated in offered this spiritual component. This makes the DISC program unique.

What’s also fun is that the report tells you famous people whose strengths you resemble. This also involves famous Bible figures. No other strengths report gives such a profile that I am aware of.


Strengths From a Personal Point of View

Personally, knowing my strengths allows me to listen to how I speak and how I come across to others. Everyone is unique and is wired differently. When you are aware of that, this fact creates a platform to understand other people and how to better communicate.

By understanding the various dynamics of the DISC styles, it’s easier to get a read on other people and their style. This translates to being less judgmental and being more accepting and inclusive. This is especially helpful with family members.

When you view people from a position of strength instead of weakness, it brings respect to a relationship.


Strengths from a Professional Point of View

As an entrepreneur, knowing my strengths has helped me to develop my business to maximize my success, happiness and earning potential. By understanding how I am wired I am able to cope with the stressors that owning one’s own business can bring. Focusing on strengths is empowering because it means focusing on the positive and the greatest potential.

Finding my strengths has literally changed my life. I never would have had the courage to forge my own entrepreneurial path without knowing my strengths.

I can’t give a more sincere recommendation for getting to know your strengths through Deb Ingino’s Strength Leader Website. Click on the Strengths Report tab at the top of her page to learn more.


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