Meditations to Experience God’s Peace and Presence
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Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Guided Meditation CDs

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These guided meditations, Be Still (based on Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God), Let it Go and Trust are available in MP3 downloadable formats or physical CDs. You can click on the CD cover pictures to be taken to more details about each meditation, listen to samples, and read about what others are saying. Be Still, Let it Go and Trust are not only meditations, they are three key spiritual practices to live a life with peace, power and purpose. Save when you purchase all three.

Be Still…coverH  

The world calls you to be busy. God calls you to be still.

Be Still was created to help you clear cluttered, anxious thoughts to make room for peaceful thoughts. This meditation uses Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God,” as its foundation.

Quiet your mind, gain greater clarity and direction in your life as you experience God’s peaceful, loving presence by learning to be still.

You will receive a transcript of the meditations and a Meditation Guide PDF to get the most out of your meditation practice.

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Let it Go - 10 Meditative Affirmations to Let Go and Let God  

Stop holding on. Let go and let God.

Let it Go was created to help let go of the past, mistakes, and judgments. Holding onto past hurts and the past will weigh down your mind, body and spirit. You need to let it go.

There are 10 guided meditations each in the form of a prayer.

CD includes a prayer booklet. MP3 and CD purchasers will receive the Let it Go ebook companion. The ebook explains the 10 meditations and how each one builds upon the other: Awareness, Acceptance, Letting Go of Judgments, Letting Go, Letting Go of Cravings, Discover your Strengths and Talents, Start Loving Life, Invest in Yourself, Letting Go of Clutter, Embracing Unlimited Potential.

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Trust A Meditation Experience CD  


In a troubled world, trust is needed more than ever. These meditations will help you develop a deep trust in God, to trust yourself, and to trust others.

Trust is a meditation experience that will help you to relax, to renew and to refresh your soul.

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Be Still, Let it Go (10 Meditation Affirmation Prayers to Let Go and Let God), and Trust Meditations and Music

Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Guided Meditation CDs

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  • Let it Go 11 audio tracks with prayer booklet, and ebook explaining the meditations
  • Trust 5 audio tracks
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Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Meditation MP3s

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It’s only through learning to be still, to let go, and to trust God fully that you can live your life with greater joy, clarity, peace, and direction.

Contact us  if you have any questions or need assistance. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

May you live life to the fullest when you learn to be still, let go and trust God.

To stillness, letting go, and trusting,


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