Stop Racing Thoughts
Stop Running on Life’s Treadmill

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Trade Your Stressing and Striving for Thriving


If you have been seeking more peace, clarity and direction in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

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To heed the Psalmist’s words, “Be still and know that I am God,” means taking action to step off of life’s treadmill or exit the fast lane. It’s not easy to go from an accelerated pace to “being still.” But that is precisely what you need to do to live your life with peace, power and purpose and to thrive instead of constantly striving. Constant striving takes its toll in being exhausted, depleted and not productive.


We Were Never Meant to Be Constantly Connected

Technology is meant to serve us. Unfortunately, we seem to be serving it. Mobile devices keep us constantly connected to work. We are all too accessible day or night.

Twenty-four hour news and media programming bombard our senses. The majority of the news is non-stop violence. Our psyches were not created to absorb this constant barrage of violent images.

Social media vies for our constant connection. Add all this to the 6,000 or so advertising messages we are exposed to along with the internal dialogue of 60,000 thoughts a day (many not pretty thoughts) and you have a prescription for overwhelm and overload. That makes for one anxious, overcrowded mind!

While our mobile devices need recharging to function, how often do we find the need to recharge? If we don’t recharge, however, all of this stressing and striving will eventually lead to burn out or worse, dis-ease and disease.

The answer? Learning to be still, letting go of judgments and the past and trusting in yourself, others and trusting God.

Meditation – A Powerful Tool to Be Still, Let Go and Trust

Embracing meditation will recharge your soul, bring you peace, clarity, increased creativity, increased productivity and deepen your relationship with God. It seems counter-intuitive that taking time to just “be” can make you more productive, but it will.

We meet God in the stillness. God speaks to us in stillness.

Meditation changed my life and is helping others clear anxious thoughts, reduce stress, silence the negative mind chatter, let go of judgments, trust and experience God’s peace and presence.


Anxious, Stressed, Overwhelmed? Get Relief

Find Out More About Guided Meditations to: Be Still, Let it Go, and Trust

Prayer is Talking to God, Meditation Lets You Listen to God

Growing up, meditation was never mentioned at church. Prayer and Bible study were the only spiritual practices. But I believe that meditation is one of the most important spiritual practices. Why? Instead of doing all of the talking in prayer, meditation allows us to listen to God in the stillness.

Being Still, Letting Go, Trusting God

Letting go of doubts, fears and judgments will allow you to trust God and trust yourself as you step out in faith and step into the ultimate person God created you to be. You can read more in this free ebook – The Three Keys to Living Your Life with Peace, Power and Purpose. In it describes in more detail the importance of being still, letting go and trusting.


FREE eBook to Be Still, Let Go, Trust

My Wishes for You

My sincere wishes for you are that you will enjoy the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, that you will live in the present moment, maximize the present moment and step into the incredible person God intended you to be!

Again, I believe that if you are seeking more peace, power and purpose in your life, you have come to the right place. If it’s encouragement you seek, or a companion for your spiritual journey, please sign up for The Three Keys eBook. It’s free. I love hearing from my readers. If you want more inspiration, please visit and like my Facebook page. Connect with me on LinkedIn. (You can also sign up for The Guided Life below.)

Peace, courage and abundant blessings,


Jackie Trottmann


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