Hotmail Users –

Open one of the ezine emails and click “mark as safe” at the top. This should make sure that you receive The Guided Life.

Occasionally, you might still have one go into your junk folder. Make sure you always check your junk folder to make sure that you are not missing any emails you are expecting. If you find an email there, click on the button which says, “not junk”.

Yahoo Users

Many newsletter type of emails can be directed to the “bulk” or “spam” folders. Click on the message and then click the “not spam” button. You may also want to add the email address to your address book.

Gmail Users –

I’ve talked with many people who love Gmail because they receive and send email and attachments so easily. It’s still possible that some emails will go into the spam folder, so it’s important to check it. If one of the ezines goes into the spam folder, just click the “not spam” button.

AOL Users –

The best chance of receiving The Guided Life is to make sure that the email is added to your contact list.

Make sure you check your spam folder. If an email was still sent there, click on the “not spam” button.