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What Word of Encouragement Will God Have For You - God Notes Book

Book: God Notes – Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement

God Notes - Daily Doses of Divine EncouragementGive the gift of encouragement
to last 365 days of the year.

About God Notes

During a month-long prayer retreat, the author asked God to give her a word. The words tumbled out in the form of love notes from God resulting in 365 insightful passages, each inspired by one word – and each passage meant for you. This is the kind of book that deserves a permanent space on everyone’s nightstand.

What Others are Saying

“A well written inspirational book. A must read for all. Whenever you need words of encouragement, just turn to God Notes. It will help you through the tough times and bring you closer to God.” Elizabeth D.

“This Book is a true blessing. It came into my life at the perfect time. Just when I needed a daily boost of inspiration and a shot of spiritual healing, this is just what the doctor ordered. I find myself keeping the book close to me at all time in case I need some quick inspiration. As well, I really like how I can flip to a random page and 9 times out of 10, the writing will reflect on something i’m going through at the time. Thank you so much Jackie Trottmann that I not only have a great book, but a tool for staying positive, inspiring others, and feeling blessed. I have learned so much from the book and look forward to reading more.” (Jay)

“God Notes truly is like hearing from God each and every time I read it. I typically open Jackie’s book at random to see what God has to say and every time, I find I’ve landed on just the perfect page with just the perfect message. This book will be well worn by year’s end and it will remain close at hand for many more years to come.” Aprille T.

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God Notes Book

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CDs/MP3s – Singles and Discounted Bundle


These guided meditations will help you to experience God’s peace, love, and presence to ease anxiety and fear. CDs are replicated, not duplicated, and are of the highest quality to be played across multiple devices. MP3s are of the highest quality also. All CD purchasers receive the CD and MP3s. MP3s are delivered via email any time of the day or night. Keep the MP3s and give the CD to a friend!


Be Still…coverH Be Still will help you clear cluttered thoughts and transport you to experience God’s peace and loving presence. The guided meditation uses Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Listen to Samples: 
Track 4 Meditation

Track 5 Music

Track 1: Transformation Story 8:11
Track 2: Preparation 2:35
Track 3: Guided Meditation – Short version 9.22
Track 4: Guided Meditation – Long version 14:39
Track 5: Music for Meditation or Relaxation – 14:35

You will also receive a transcript of the recordings with a PDF guide to help you receive the most out of your Be Still meditation practice.



When I started a guided meditation practice, it was important to me to find Scripture-based meditations. Jackie’s meditations fit the bill perfectly. Jackie’s voice is just lovely, and clearly this is a God-blessed ministry with which she has been gifted.  Catherine R.


Be Still Meditation MP3s

Be Still Meditation MP3 Recordings Only $12.99

Be Still Meditation CD

Be Still Meditation CD $16.99
(Includes 5 MP3 recordings sent immediately)
(Plus $4.95 Shipping US)

Let it Go - 10 Meditative Affirmations to Let Go and Let God Stop holding on. Let go and let God.

Let it Go was created to help let go of the past, mistakes, and judgments. Holding onto past hurts and the past will weigh down your mind, body and spirit. You need to let it go.

There are 10 guided meditations each in the form of a prayer.

CD includes a prayer booklet. MP3 and CD purchasers will receive the Let it Go ebook companion. The ebook explains the 10 meditations and how each one builds upon the other: Awareness, Acceptance, Letting Go of Judgments, Letting Go, Letting Go of Cravings, Discover your Strengths and Talents, Start Loving Life, Invest in Yourself, Letting Go of Clutter, Embracing Unlimited Potential.

Listen to Samples: MP3s or CD

Letting Go

Start Loving Life
Letting Go of Clutter
Let go of emotional and physical weight that you may carry – weight from past mistakes, failures, fearful, guilt, judgmental thoughts – and replace those disempowering thoughts with kind, loving, empowering thoughts.

Let It Go helped me to eliminate many of the roadblocks that prevent us from truly living in the joy of the Lord. Let it go is an outstanding gem for anyone looking for true peace in this challenging and difficult time. It is so powerful in its presentation and technique that I keep going back to it again and again. Thank you so much Jackie! – George


Let it Go Meditation MP3s

Let it Go MP3 Recordings Only $12.99

Let it Go Meditation CD

Let it Go CD $16.99
(Includes 11 MP3 recordings sent immediately)
(Plus $4.95 Shipping US)

Trust A Meditation Experience CD Trust will carry you to renewed peace and confidence as you trust yourself, trust others and trust God.

Listen to Samples:

Trust Meditation

Trust Meditation Music Example
Track 1: Why Trust 6:38
Track 2: Preparation 3:46
Track 3: Trust Guided Meditation 17:20
Track 4: Meditation Music 17:20
Track 5: Contemplative Meditation 17:17



Well, I’m not sure which of the new meditations I like the best. I’m leaning toward the contemplative. I like that there is a little bit of leading at the beginning, but then the openness to God. I like that I know there is closure at the end. And still it seems that the time has passed so quickly. I like that you’ve offered both guided and contemplative. Sometimes I need one more than the other to let go of all those thoughts going on in my head. I also feel quite calmed after each of them. I have been sleeping better since listening to them. ~ Bev


Trust Meditation MP3

Trust Meditation MP3 Recordings Only $12.99

Trust Meditation CD

Trust Meditation CD $16.99
(Includes 5 MP3 recordings sent immediately)
(Plus $4.95 Shipping US)

Save On the CD or MP3 Bundle

Buy CDs for a Friend – Keep the MP3 Audio Recordings for You!

Save on the CD and MP3 downloads when you purchase all three. CD purchasers receive three CDs plus the following:

  • Be Still 5 audio tracks with Meditation Guide
  • Let it Go 11 audio tracks with prayer booklet, and ebook explaining the meditations
  • Trust 5 audio tracks
Mp3 Bundle

Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Meditation MP3s


CD Bundle

Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Meditation CDs(Shipping $4.95 US)

$45.00 – plus, receive bonus MP3s valued at $56.97

These meditations will help you have greater peace, enjoy a lighter mind, body, and spirit, and – most importantly – deepen your relationship with God. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your CD or download purchase.

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May the words and meditations that God placed on my heart touch your heart, too.

Peace and blessings,

Jackie Trottmann

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