clearing clutter

How to Free Your Spirit – Clear Clutter from Your Life –Part I Clearing Physical Clutter – Eight Tips

When was the last time you thought about the impact clutter can have on your life? If you are feeling overwhelmed, clutter can be a culprit.


Our world is made up of energy. Clutter stops the flow of energy in its tracks. You can see the difference in these two pictures. One was taken of my basement with clutter…. Really. And the other picture is taken after I cleared the clutter.


(Before picture)


When Robert and I got married almost six years ago, we merged two households. There wasn’t room in Robert’s cottage that I moved into to accommodate all of our stuff, so the majority of my things went into the basement.


As with any move, it was a frenzy of activity with the movers constantly asking, “Where does this go?” Most of the – unmarked – boxes went into the basement. There was hardly a place to move. But it wasn’t a problem because it was only in the basement.


The years went by and I quit my job in Corporate America to be a consultant working out of my home. All of a sudden the basement was weighing on me like a heavy weight around my neck. I was beginning to feel stuck. I knew that I couldn’t get unstuck until I cleared out the basement.

(After picture)


The task was so overwhelming that I hired professional help. My consultant explained that the basement was filled with all events from my past life, meaning old jobs, business ventures that failed, clothes that no longer fit me. All of this energy was weighing me down and I needed to clear it away. Continue reading