Jesus loves the little children

Why Jesus Loves the Little Children

Why Jesus Loves the Little Children


I believe that Jesus loved the little children because children are open and naturally look for joy every day. Children are simple in their thinking. They have not been weighed down with the burdens of the world like adults. Children are accepting of others and don’t form judgments.

My husband was reading a book about a professor who taught art at the university. His very young daughter was quite the little artist, always drawing. One day she asked her… Continue reading

With Age Comes Wisdom Well not Always

Color Your Life Any Color You WantI usually find myself saying that with age comes wisdom. It makes perfect sense when you consider all of the life experiences we have to learn from. Well, that saying was just blown away by a five-year-old! 


Robert and I took a road trip to meet the gentleman that has helped me with all of my websites and technical knowledge. It was a real joy to meet him and his wife in person. I had been working with him for three years through e-mails and phone conversations. As part of our trip, we visited Robert’s son and two grandchildren.


Our visit was filled with fun activities like a trip to the zoo, botanical garden, history Museum, playing on playgrounds and coloring in coloring books.


Helen is five years old and was my coloring partner.

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