kurt warner

Kurt Warner’s Retirement Announcement – An Ordinary Person Living an Extraordinary Life

Kurt Warner – an ordinary person???  Come on! In his 12 years with the NFL he earned two MVP trophies, a Super Bowl title, three Super Bowl appearances and passed for of 32,000 yards. How can that be ordinary? This is his story now, and not where his story began.

But before I talk about that, I wanted to send out this heart felt thank you to Kurt Warner for all that he did for us devoted football fans in St. Louis and for the extraordinary person that he is. This picture shows me holding up my Kurt Warner football jersey that I wore when the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999. While St. Louis is known for baseball, our town is a great sports town. There were many a die-hard Cardinals football fan who braved the outside elements (I think my toes have finally thawed out after a Thanksgiving Redskins vs. Cardinals game) to support their team. The Cardinals never came close to ever going to the Super Bowl. Our city was so shocked when the Cardinals left to move to Arizona. So when the Rams came to St. Louis, we were elated. I will forever love Kurt Warner for his story, Continue reading