Are You One of the Walking Wounded Christians? – How to Find the Real Loving God

This whole topic that I am about to share with you makes me angry. I could have chosen a different word than angry and could have sugar coated it and said that this topic makes me sad. But that wouldn’t be telling the truth. I very rarely get angry. If my son were here, he would vouch for that. He would also say, “Pay attention, because Mom is mad.”

The reason Mom is mad is because precious lives are at stake. Usually the first wounding as Christians is when we are children. Let me share a story.

The Rev. Scott Smith is an Associate Pastor at our church. He has such a gentle spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. All of these qualities are still there. You see, Scott just returned to our church after first being our youth minister. He went on a tour to Iraq and served as a Chaplain in the Army. Scott knows a thing or two about being physically wounded too. He shared this story with us during the Ash Wednesday service.

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