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The Three Keys to Living Your Life From Peace, Power and Purpose will give you a little more insight into my journey and how I now choose to practice these keys to live a life guided by God.


I am just an ordinary person who has experienced God’s extraordinary peace and love. That peace has come primarily by learning to be still, to carve out time from a hectic day just to be in God’s presence. It also comes from feeding my mind with good things. 

I am a voracious reader.  Our bodies can’t function over the long-term if all we eat is junk food. The mind can’t function either if we feed it a lot of junk. I am constantly reading material rich in healthy, inspirational content to renew and nourish my mind and soul.  As a result, I hope that these emails contain material to help nourish your soul too. :)

I look forward to sharing our journey together!

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