When You are Feeling Overwhelmed and Life is Too Much to Bear Remember Easter Week

Guided Christian Meditation Remember Easter Week


If you are going through some really tough times, and I mean really tough times: the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one either to death or to a relationship breaking up, financial difficulties, if your health is failing or you or a friend has been given an unexpected diagnosis, if you feel riddled with anxiety and fear and feel like you’re going through the worst of times, I would urge you to think of Easter week.


When Easter week rolls around a lot of the focus is on Easter Day. There’s the candy and Easter bunnies, new outfits for church, and the Easter services are filled with joy and celebration. But rather than focus on Easter Day, I’ve always pondered the events that happened that week leading up to Easter.


When I’ve gone through difficult times, gut-wrenching, heart-wrenching difficult times, I think of Easter week.


God is with us through our trials and tribulations every step of the way to give us the strength to make it through. I look at Jesus during Easter week and what he went through as far as physical pain and suffering.


It’s not easy to look at Good Friday and rarely do we look at Saturday. What happened on Saturday? Seems that God was absent on Saturday. Just when I said he’s with us always, I don’t know what happened on Saturday.


Look at the week. Look at how quickly life changed for Jesus within a WEEK.


(The following events are captured as if it were a week. That is how we celebrate Easter week starting on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday. The verses quoted and interpretations are taken from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.)

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