The worship service for the Sunday after Christmas at my church, First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, is always called – A Service of Lessons and Carols. It’s just that, a series of Scripture readings surrounded by carols and anthems sung by our Chancel Choir.

By society’s definition, Christmas is over and we have moved on to the after Christmas sales. The lights and adornments will stay up through the next holiday, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Then all of the decorations and outward signs of Christmas will be gone until next year one minute after Halloween as retailers start earlier and earlier to capitalize on sales.

But the coming of Emmanuel is not something that happened one time and that’s it. Truly, God sent his Son and God is still with us. So, before you rush off to business as usual, take a moment to be still and read the following Prayer of Confession which was taken from our church bulletin this morning. It confirms that Christmas is never over.

“Gracious God, the world rushes into the future, and we are all too easily pulled along. Yet, it is still the holy season of Christmas. Keep us from moving too quickly on to the next thing. Help us to stand still long enough to let the message of this holy time rest in our hearts. As the days of this season unfold, may we continue to be filled with awe and wonder at all that the coming of the child means for the world. Keep us open to the Spirit’s work and movement bringing us a deeper understanding of your gifts of hope, love, joy and peace. These things we ask in the name of your son who is Emmanuel.”