It will be thirteen years since I left the corporate rat race to forge my own entrepreneurial path. The plan had been for my husband to keep working for the next two to five years after I left as I got my business going. As what happens so many times, our plans are not what God has in mind.

On New Year’s Eve the year I quit, my husband’s employer told him that his position had been eliminated. Happy New Year! When he came home and told me the news prior to us fixing dinner that evening, my initial reaction was overwhelming sadness. Our plans had not worked out. I wanted to be hysterical and think of how awful it was, but those feelings and thoughts never came. Deep down I felt a peace about the situation.

I knew that the lack of communication from the management made Robert lose the joy and purpose in his work. Personally, he had made strong connections with his counterparts and workers and dedicated nine years of his life in serving the company. He also had to drive fifty miles each way on one of the country’s most dangerous highways. That aspect of the job always concerned me.

We know in our hearts that God had a much greater plan for him and for us.

Robert and I met at church. We were married nine months after our first date. We are truly soul mates. Our marriage is built on a strong foundation of faith and our deep love for God.

This situation was one of the hardest that we were to face as a married couple. I had struggled in my career with my prior employer going out of business. God saw us through that time and provided me with employment. God has always provided a way through every difficult situation that I have confronted in my life.

Robert and I love the wisdom of the Bible and he immediately turned for guidance to the book of Ecclesiastes. In Chapter three verse twenty-two it says, “So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot. For who can bring him to see what will happen after him?”

I never thought we would be in this situation, but there we were, like millions of others in our country. But we both had chosen a spiritual path and to be guided by God and not by the events of the material world. So this new turn of events would be a test to more than ever seek a life guided by God.

This website was created at the end of 2009, just when Robert had lost his job. I was going through a major upgrade, reviewing each post in April of 2021. Eleven years later!

I have always wished a teeny tiny bit to have a crystal ball, but I know that faith and trust don’t work that way. I did want to write about what transpired in those eleven years and how God has provided.

After writing my first book and producing my first meditation CD, I had to learn about building websites, blogging, and all kinds of internet stuff. Because of what I was learning, I ended up having a successful web development business.

Without a bit of marketing, God provided amazing clients that took us through until Robert could collect social security.

I published two books: The Freedom to Eat Р10 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace (which was a finalist in the International Book Awards) and God Notes РDaily Doses of Divine Encouragement  which was picked up by a traditional publisher. I call both books downloads from God.

In addition to the first meditation CD called Be Still, I produced two more, Let it Go and Trust. Again, God provided the inspiration. They have helped people from all over the world relieve anxiety, PTSD, and grow closer to God.

Robert ended up caring for his father’s needs. He could not have done that if he had been working. I also cared for my mother. Both have passed away, but we were able to be there for them.

We have been able to travel the world and build our dream home. Throughout the years we were tested for sure, but God is faithful. Another challenge we are facing is with Robert being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. We know that God will be faithful in this Goliath challenge and every challenge we face.