Stop Thinking I’m Too Old Or It’s Too Late

You're Never Too Old and It's Never Too Late Like These Late Tulips

Do you ever have thoughts of I’m too old or it’s too late in your life? I know I have. Those thoughts of, I shouldn’t have taken that job, I shouldn’t have majored in that in college, I should have finished college, I should have followed my instincts, I should have done – whatever that should is

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2 Responses to Stop Thinking I’m Too Old Or It’s Too Late

  • Hi Bev,
    Thank you for sharing such a great example of you’re never too old, or it’s never too late. Love the Dear Abby reply. So true! The book is lovely and Jane Pauley is too.
    To your reimagining, :)

  • When I was in my 40’s I was considering going back to college to get a degree and a license. I was working in a field as a paraprofessional. The pay was not enough to support my family and to plan for the future and by all appearances I was the one who would be responsible for supporting my children and taking care of the bills.

    I kept thinking I am too old to go back to school. There was a “Dear Abby” letter saying something similar. The woman told Dear Abby how old she would be if she goes back and gets a degree. Dear Abby’s reply was, how old will you be in that many years, if you don’t go back to school? I am paraphrasing this because it was quite some time ago. But it was just the right thing for me to read. I got the degree and the license.

    It’s great to have the reminder to let go of thinking we are too old. I look forward to each tomorrow and who knows what tomorrow will bring? I need to check out the book by Jane Pauley. (How great that you got to meet her!) It might be time for some more “reimagining.” Thanks!

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