Be Still Meditation CD and Downloads

Be Still Christian Meditation CD and Downloads

Be Still and Know that I am God CD Cover

“Be Still and Know that I am God” is a guided meditation using the verse Psalm 46:10. Using this guided meditation allows you to clear the cluttered, anxious and fearful thoughts from your mind. In their place, you will be filled with peace and clarity.

God speaks to us in the stillness.

Be Still will allow you to experience God’s presence. Through this practice, you will feel God’s love and peace. The effects of spending 9-15 minutes far outlast this small investment of time to spend with God. 

Here’s what others have experienced:

I was struggling with depression and panic attacks. My doctor suggested meditation. Being a Christian woman I was very leery of meditation and the things I had heard about it. I had tried other meditation CDs, but I knew that GOD HAD TO BE in the mix. The Be Still CD not only taught me how to meditate to stop my depression and panic attacks, but I learned how to be still and listen for God’s answers. This CD was and is still changing my life. I’ve told a bunch of my friends, my Pastor and my therapist about you and the CD.

I also love the Let it Go 10 Meditative Affirmations. The variety lets you pick which affirmation is right for you. Because we all know how life changes from day to day.

Carol from Massachusetts


Your CD is what helps calm me when I’m feeling stressed working behind a computer all day and getting constant demands from my manager. I pop in the CD and listen to tracks 4 and 5 and I feel more focused and less anxious with my daily duties.



My daily meditation and prayer is helping me grow closer and closer to Him, realizing that the more grateful I am, the more connected I am. The level of inner peace and calm that I experience especially when communicating with my God is indescribable. Truly, one’s relationship with God is very personal. I thank Him for leading me to your site. Let me know when new CDs are available.

God bless!


Be Still and Know that I am God Meditation MP3s or CD

The Be Still MP3s and CD are of the highest quality and playable across multiple devices.


1. A Transformation Story (8:11)
2. Preparation – Getting the most out  of your practice (2:35)
3. Guided Meditation – Short Version (9:22)
4. Guided Meditation – Long Version (14:39) – Listen to Sample

5. Meditative/Relaxing Music (14:35) – Listen to Sample

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Order your copy of “Be Still” below. There are two options to purchase. You can download the CD tracks or you can order a physical copy. With either purchase you will receive the downloads sent via email immediately. You can also listen online immediately after you receive the email confirmation. Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy! You will receive full instructions to download.

In addition, you’ll receive a transcript of the CD and additional instructions to help you receive the most from your meditation practice. This is an e-guide delivered via email.

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Be Still Meditation MP3s

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Be Still Meditation CD

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My sincere desire is that you will experience God’s presence in a deeper way by learning to be still. I love hearing from purchasers. You can always reach out to me with questions or to share your experience. I also want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Join others from all over the world who are learning the peace and power that comes from learning to be still.

If you want to go even deeper by letting go and trusting God, you can do that and save by adding the Let it Go and Trust Meditation.


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Be Still, Let it Go (10 Meditation Affirmation Prayers to Let Go and Let God), and Trust Meditations and Music

Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Guided Meditation CDs

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  • Be Still 5 audio tracks with Meditation Guide
  • Let it Go 11 audio tracks with prayer booklet, and ebook explaining the meditations
  • Trust 5 audio tracks
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Meditation has transformed my life by quieting my mind, letting go, and trusting God in a deeper way. That’s why I’m so passionate about meditation and why I created this website and resources. They are inspiration that God has given me as I learned to be still, heal the wounds from my past, and trust God in a deeper way. The results have been greater peace, clarity, and direction. I want this same for you!

Peace to you,

Jackie Trottmann Creator of Be Still Meditation CD

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