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How to Have Hope With Glimpses of Heaven

. Hope is what we cling to when everything around us can be falling apart. Having hope keeps us motivated to keep on keeping on. In the original Star Wars... Read More

A Story of How We are All Connected – Church at the Diner

This is a story of how we are all connected. This supernatural encounter happened at a local diner. Robert and I sing in our church choir, and we had a... Read More

Thanksgiving – Making Giving Thanks and Giving a Spiritual Practice

. . Thanksgiving and giving thanks is not just something we can do during a given season. Giving thanks is a worthwhile, spiritual practice. When we approach each day with... Read More

With Age Comes Wisdom Well not Always

I usually find myself saying that with age comes wisdom. It makes perfect sense when you consider all of the life experiences we have to learn from. Well, that saying... Read More

Purpose in Life – Are We There Yet?

  Finding purpose in life is like taking a road trip.  Have you ever taken a long road trip as a child or with young children? The line always comes... Read More

How are you Living your Life in the Dash?

We all start out with a birthday, have a dash in the middle and finish with an end date. How are you living your life in the dash? My best... Read More

God’s Blessing from a Salvation Army Angel

There is no doubt that God speaks to us through messengers, or, as I like to call them, earthly angels. One angel spoke to me last Saturday. She was disguised... Read More

The Law of Attraction and the Christian Faith Part 1

There’s been a lot of buzz for decades about The Law of Attraction. Classes, books, workshops, even a movie was made to teach people how to harness this law. The... Read More

Modern Day Good Samaritan A Random Act of Kindness

There always seems to be depressing headlines in the news, but here’s a story  about some good news. It’s the story of a modern day Good Samaritan (the original, in... Read More

Learning How to Love Thanks to My Labrador Retriever, Wilson

Love for a dog. Easy, right? It wasn’t in the case of Wilson, the yellow lab, also known as JD – Juvenile Delinquent. When we adopted Wilson, he was about... Read More