Inspirational Stories

Christmas Ideas – Chop Down a Real Christmas Tree

Chop Down a Christmas TreeIf you have never trekked out into the woods to chop down a Christmas tree, it is quite an experience. When Robert and  I got married, my son was fourteen years old. It was our first Christmas together as a family. None of us had chopped down a Christmas tree before, so this was a new experience and adventure to share together. There are several Christmas tree farms around the St. Louis area. We picked the closest one and… Continue reading

Get Angry at God – He Can Take It

In seeking a life guided by God, I have experienced the most profound understanding of God’s love for me after venting raw emotions. Whether you are experiencing great frustration, grief or anger, when you express these feelings to God, God seems to listen and answer right away. My pastor always tells me, “Get angry at God. He can take it.” This was my experience from late summer going into the fall.

I had to have some surgery done on an… Continue reading