Spring for me holds a new promise of life, hope and new beginnings. It’s become my favorite time of the year.

I have come through some very difficult times and springtime seems to be a time when many issues have been resolved. Every time without exception, God has provided. But God not only provided for all of my needs, He also sent me greeting cards in the process.

One such time was in the spring. I had just moved to a small, rental house during a very painful divorce. I was also unemployed and down to my last nickel. As God so often does, at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute (God seems to work like that!) He provided a wonderful dream job when all of my money had run out.

Living in my little rental house, I did a lot of soul searching and healing. There is a favorite song from my childhood that I used to sing at church and still sing when I am being thoughtful and wanting to feel God’s presence. The song title is His Eye is on the Sparrow, and the lyrics are:

Why should I feel discouraged / Why should the shadows come / Why should my heart feel lonely / And long for heaven and home /When Jesus is my portion / A constant friend is He / His eye is on the sparrow / And I know He watches over me / His eye is on the sparrow / And I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy / I sing because I’m free / His eye is on the sparrow / And I know He watches me.*

That spring, after I moved into my little house, a sparrow had built a nest in the wreath of my front door. Every day, my son and I would pull an ottoman up to the window in the door to look at the progress as the eggs turned into babies.

I took that as a greeting card from God saying, “I am watching over you and you are free.” God was taking care of me, but I felt like this little nest was a tangible love letter to me.

When I remarried and moved into my new home, another sparrow built its nest on our back door.

It’s spring again. I am looking out of my window at the beautiful flowers, grass, trees and, yes, sparrows.

Maybe you have never thought about God sending you greeting cards. Perhaps this post will help you look for them in your life too.

God went even further in the greeting card department by giving me 365 words of encouragement during another very difficult time in my life in being the care giver for my mother. These words became a book that was published by DreamSculpt called God Notes – Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement. You can read samples and the reactions by others here: God Notes

God Notes - Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement

*”His Eye is on the Sparrow was written in 1905 by lyricist Civilla D. Martin and composer Charles H. Gabriel.