A Prayer for Guidance

A Prayer for Guidance

I was doing some spring cleaning the other day in my office when I came across a yellow piece of paper.  It was folded neatly into four parts. On the outside were hand written words in pencil:

A prayer for Jackie

I suggest you say this prayer, or at least, touch  this piece of paper anytime you are going to talk about “the issue” in the next days.

I opened up the piece of paper and saw the date – July, 2004. I vividly remember the reason for the prayer and who gave it to me.

At that time I was in my first relationship after having been divorced. My life had completely changed. The divorce had been very painful and I went through years of healing. “The issue” was the struggle I was having in this new relationship.

This note came from my choir director. We had become very close and he had been a stable, spiritual influence in my life. I talk about angels coming to help us when we need it and Marcos was certainly one of those for me.

The prayer was as meaningful today as it was in 2004, so I wanted to share it. If you are seeking guidance, keep this prayer handy to help you stay on the spiritual path. “The issue” can be anything that you are struggling with as you seek a life guided by God.


I can only move my feet one at a time. And I can only move my feet in the direction my eyes lead me. Be the guide of my vision, turn my face to the path you have prepared for me and keep calling my attention, tapping on my shoulder, whenever I start staring towards my own illusions and delusions.

In the name of Christ, the Light of the World, who illuminates our souls.

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