I so often think about Moses and the burning bush and how great it would be to hear God and have him show up in such a tangible and visual way.

What I’ve learned is that God does speak when we pay attention, when we learn to be still and listen.

In 1977 I landed my first job in the advertising business. At the time I was attending college to earn a business degree.

Each day I would come into the office and ask the media director, “What is my word for the day?” She would tell me an advertising term, and that’s how I learned the business one word at a time.

I participated in a month-long prayer retreat. No, I didn’t lock myself in a room for 30 days. However, I did spend 20 minutes a day in prayer. It was a very powerful time, and I was surprised how prayer became so much more than speaking to God.

I started out the month of prayer like I started my advertising career. I decided to ask God for my word for the day.

God answered.

As I settled in to clear away my thoughts, God gave me the word believe.

There must have been 50 sentences that God said to me. I just let them all pour over me. When my 20 minutes was over, I immediately went to my journal to write down the experience. I could only remember a handful of sentences, but the ones I so vividly remember were almost like a poem.

These words were so beautiful, that I wanted to share them with you. These words weren’t just meant for me. They were meant for you too. Hear God speak:

Believe you are loved.

Believe you are whole.

Believe you are worthy.

Believe you are able.

Believe it’s your time.

Believe I am yours.

Believe you are mine.

I believe in YOU.

God continued to give me words, but I felt led to pull 365 words out of the Bible. I would sit in the mornings and look over the words until I felt inspired. The word inspire literally means in Spirit. My eyes would randomly land on a word and I would start writing the words that God spoke to me.

Many times, other words would come to mind that weren’t on the list. This process continued for almost two years.

A gentleman I had connected with on several creative projects contacted me via email. He was starting an endeavor to help a handful of authors get their works published. I had just finished completing the 365 words.

I replied that I had just completed this daily word material, but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. He told me that this was exactly the type of inspirational material they were looking for in helping people transform their lives. Just like that, I was sent a publishing contract.

These words became a book called God Notes – Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement. So, when I said earlier that these words weren’t just meant for me, I wasn’t kidding!

Our marketing culture will bombard us with images of the latest and greatest thing we need to be enough. These subliminal messages tell us that we aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, handsome enough, youthful enough, smart enough. Sadly, our religious upbringing can make us feel unworthy, too. I hear God saying, “Enough!”

God is still speaking. Are you listening? Hear these words for you. You are enough. God believes in YOU.

Have you had your own experience of God speaking to you? I’d love for you to share it with us by commenting below.

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