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In Tough Economic Times Count Your Blessings Not Your Money

It was an interesting year when our household went from two incomes to zero. On one hand, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said there weren’t mornings of... Read More

Who Can You Set Free Today by What You Say or What you Do?

Have you been set free or are you weighed down with the burdens of life? There are some days, weeks, even months when living a life guided by God seems... Read More

How to Clear Clutter from Your Life with 8 Questions

This is Part 1 in how to free your spirit by clearing physical clutter from your life. In Part 2 I’ll share with you how to clear mental clutter from... Read More

Maneuvering Through Life’s Troubled Waters

Robert and I embarked on a week-long adventure in the state of Arkansas. We rented a condo on a lake and plotted a week’s worth of hiking trails and other... Read More

This Meaning of Repent May Surprise You

You’ve seen the image in movies and on street corners. A disheveled person with wild, hair is holding a cardboard sign with the scribbled words in bold, black print –... Read More

Are You Tending to Weeds in Your Garden?

Robert and I were at dinner a few weeks back. We had the entire section of the restaurant to ourselves until an older gentleman came in and sat down at... Read More

God’s Sense of Humor – Joy Comes in the Morning

Humor, laughter, joy – It’s all part of being a Christian. So, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been writing about some pretty serious stuff lately. All of... Read More

God Bless Fathers On Earth and In Heaven

Father’s Day is a time when Dad’s have their day. Father’s Day cards are filled with messages of, “Relax, You’ve Earned It!” and images of men sitting in front of... Read More

Seeking and Finding Abundant Wholeness

In order to attain abundant wholeness, we must experience many peaks and valleys. Until we walk through our dark times, we can’t experience true light. (Watch my video Help for... Read More

How to Listen – God Gave us Two Ears that are Open All of the Time

Someone said the other evening at a church meeting that God gave us two ears that were always open and one mouth that we could shut. I had never “heard” it... Read More