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Nothing We Read Watch Or Listen To Is Mindless

Nothing We Read Watch or Listen to is Mindless


Life can be stressful, so there’s nothing like a good book or movie, some mindless activity to escape. But before you pick up something to read, watch or listen to, I want you to consider that what you are doing may not be so mindless.

I love to read. That is my mindless escape of choice. Sometimes I read as many as 2 to 3 books a week. My routine is to read a spiritual non-fiction book in the… Continue reading

Top 10 Inspirational Photos With Quotes

The top ten inspirational photos with quotes are taken from my Facebook page. As with The Guided Life Ezine, my inspiration comes from a variety of places. Most of that inspiration seems to be coming from nature or from animals. My yellow lab Wilson is a source of inspiration 1) because he is so handsome and 2) he is so silly…. as you will see. He received the most views so far from my postings.

Thanks to the iPhone,… Continue reading

Live in the Present Moment Two Tips to Tame Run Away Thoughts

How Live In The Present Think Like An Antalope

If you want to live in the present moment and tame your run-away thoughts, all you need to do is learn from animals and think like an antelope. Seriously, stay with me.


I love animals, so I am interested in watching animal documentaries. One documentary talked about animal behavior. I had never given it much thought but man is the only animal that worries and dwells on an event. No other animal does that.


Take for example, an… Continue reading

Being Happy It is Not the Pursuit of Happiness

How Happy Are You

Being happy. Are you happy? I found that happiness has more to do with being than pursuing.

Perhaps the most profound example of happiness I’ve encountered was on a mission trip to Guatemala. I went with a group from my church to help build homes for mothers and their children. Three women had been abandoned by their husbands and were raising children on their own.

These homes were in the middle of the jungle and were made out of cinder blocks. The floors were not parquet or carpeted with plush frieze. The floors were made of dirt. There were bars installed on the windows to keep out bandits. Even a loaf of bread was worth stealing.

Every day we showed up to the work site and so did the women with their children. We were greeted with enthusiasm and big smiles. While we had an interpreter, we couldn’t communicate through language. We communicated through God’s pure love.

 They were proud of their new homes and kept the dirt floors immaculately clean. (I still don’t understand how dirt can be clean, but it can!)

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Where the Spirit of the Lord is There is Freedom – Every Day is Independence Day

Let us Celebrate our Freedom in Christ JesusWe usually think of July 4th as Independence Day. But as Christians, every day is Independence Day because, as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

When we learn to trust God and the Spirit dwells within us, we are free. Free from fear, anxiety, addictions, doubt and limitations. We are released from anything that will restrain us. Because of this freedom, we can… Continue reading

Praise, Worship and Reflection in Scotland and England

I haven’t posted on my blog in a while because I decided to unplug myself from the computer. Initially, it was a tough decision to make. But in my quest to slow down and live in the present moment, I chose not to take my laptop with me on a choir tour to Scotland and England. I did, however, take my camera and a journal.

This was the final day of our trip, singing in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London,… Continue reading

Fairy Tales and Happily Ever After

Don’t you just love fairy tales and the promise of happily ever after?

Robert and I just saw the Disney movie, Tangled. It’s the story about Rapunzel, the princess who was taken from her parents as a baby and held captive in a tower until her eighteenth birthday. Along comes Flynn Rider, a dashing, handsome bandit on the run who finds the tower escaping from the guards that were chasing him. Rapunzel schemes to use Flynn to carry out her dream of leaving the tower for a day to visit the source of the lights that she sees every year on her birthday.

As with every Disney movie, good triumphs over evil, dreams are fulfilled and there is always a happy ending with the guarantee of life happily ever after.

Real life isn’t depicted after the closing credits. There is no sequel – Tangled 2 – tangled in bills, making ends meet, and finding energy to remain close long after the relationship begins. Of course, princesses may not have to worry about such concerns. The majority of us have many stressors in “real” live.

Like Rapunzel, we do our own escaping by being entertained for a few hours lost in dreams of fantasy free from worry.

But I got to thinking about happy endings and happily ever after and thought that as Christians, we know the end of our story. We have a happily ever after.

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In Tough Economic Times Count Your Blessings Not Your Money

It’s been an interesting year as our household has gone from two incomes to zero. On one hand, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say that there have been mornings of feeling panic and anxiousness. But on the other hand, those feelings didn’t last long especially when we count our blessings each day and how rich we are – the word rich doesn’t always translate to cash.

We have looked at this tough economic time in our lives as a blessing. Frankly, we were a little unconscious when it came to money. Never being big spenders or living beyond our means, we never focused on a strict budget either. Now our circumstances require that we watch every penny we spend. We have scaled back our spending dramatically. With every purchase we make we now are forced to make a choice. Continue reading

Who Can You Set Free Today by What You Say or What you Do?

Have you been set free or are you weighed down with the burdens of life?

There are some days, weeks, even months when living a life guided by God seems so easy. There is a flow that happens. Joy fills one’s heart. You wake up in the morning and feel a sense of gratitude for everything.

But then doubt and fear can set in. This has certainly been the case with trying to grow a business from the ground up. You’re putting your heart, soul and energy into it, but at the end of the day or week or month, there is no consistent revenue for the effort. It can seem overwhelming. It’s easy to want to give up and go find a “job” and work for someone else.

When we face challenges like this, it is particularly important to lean on your family. In this case, I mean our family of faith. Brothers and sisters in Christ.

That also means having a solid place of worship to attend to be lifted up in the presence of God with like-minded believers.  If ever there was a time I needed church, it  was last Sunday. I had hit a valley again.

The sermon was called, “The Power of the Spoken Word.” Continue reading

How to Free Your Spirit – Clear Clutter from Your Life –Part I Clearing Physical Clutter – Eight Tips

When was the last time you thought about the impact clutter can have on your life? If you are feeling overwhelmed, clutter can be a culprit.


Our world is made up of energy. Clutter stops the flow of energy in its tracks. You can see the difference in these two pictures. One was taken of my basement with clutter…. Really. And the other picture is taken after I cleared the clutter.


(Before picture)


When Robert and I got married almost six years ago, we merged two households. There wasn’t room in Robert’s cottage that I moved into to accommodate all of our stuff, so the majority of my things went into the basement.


As with any move, it was a frenzy of activity with the movers constantly asking, “Where does this go?” Most of the – unmarked – boxes went into the basement. There was hardly a place to move. But it wasn’t a problem because it was only in the basement.


The years went by and I quit my job in Corporate America to be a consultant working out of my home. All of a sudden the basement was weighing on me like a heavy weight around my neck. I was beginning to feel stuck. I knew that I couldn’t get unstuck until I cleared out the basement.

(After picture)


The task was so overwhelming that I hired professional help. My consultant explained that the basement was filled with all events from my past life, meaning old jobs, business ventures that failed, clothes that no longer fit me. All of this energy was weighing me down and I needed to clear it away. Continue reading