Society conditions us to seek and achieve significant and spectacular goals. Winning a major award, taking a dream vacation, fulfilling a grand bucket list, all translate to significance.

But there are far more insignificant things that happen in our everyday lives. When we are attentive, the insignificant things can take on much greater meaning.

View from a Window

My desk faces our back yard. There is a stone sitting wall under a tree. On a regular basis we have cardinals, finches and robins that come and go.

Water had collected in a small indentation on the stones. A lady cardinal stopped and took a drink. Her mate showed up. She flew off to allow him to take a drink. It was both an act of kindness and an example of God’s provision.

The words from Matthew came to mind, “Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not any more value than they?”

Glimpses into the Kingdom of Heaven

When our minds are cluttered with thoughts and distractions, we miss those “insignificant” moments that can be significant. As in the cardinal story, you might notice a certain cloud formation in the sky, the sound of your child’s giggle, or a look from your dog, wagging its tail.

These moments represent a glimpse into the spiritual realm, the Kingdom of Heaven. More words from Jesus come to mind, “My kingdom is not from this world and you do not belong to this world.” In these, what seem insignificant moments of being fully present, we are aware of the kingdom by observing love, joy, kindness from a spiritual space.

It takes being aware, being conscious, being still to see this deeper significance.

When the mind is quiet and not filled with cluttered thoughts, the insignificant becomes significant. May you pay attention to the insignificant moments.

How we view God is anything but insignificant! But is your view of God distorted? Perhaps the judgmental scorekeeper in the sky? Or that you don’t always measure up? What is God’s view of you? Hopefully, I’ve sparked some questions for which I have answers.  I’ve created a free eBook and audio book that you can download called Bringing God’s View Into Focus to Live your Life with Joy and Flow.