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An Invitation to Turn the Pain of Loneliness Into Peace and Solitude of the Heart

Turn Your Pain of Loneliness Into Solitude

The Beatles stated it well, “Ah, look at all the lonely people.”

As human beings we will all feel lonely. Our world is filled with people, but we feel disconnected instead of connected.

A Disconnected Society

You click the garage door opener, pull your car in, close the door, then enter your house. You are surrounded by other homes, but don’t know any of your neighbors.

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In the Beginning it was Good – A Message of Hope and Encouragement for the New Year

The New Year always holds new hope and promise. As I continue to seek what I call, The Guided Life, a life guided by God, I know that with each new challenge God is guiding me and taking care of me. I have been building up my courage muscles and faith muscles to strengthen my spiritual walk!

My pastor, Dr. Rev. David A. Holyan, gave a sermon entitled, “In the Beginning.” Whenever I need encouragement, I pull out this sermon. It is so fitting for the New Year and I wanted to share the closing paragraph with you.

I wish for God to guide you on your journey and that you will be richly blessed in the New Year!

From: “In the Beginning”

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