Your attitude and how you view the world can translate to mean that it’s full of beauty, wonderful people and experiences. Or your attitude and view may translate to mean that you expect fear, dread and miserable people around each corner!

On a trip to Italy, I experienced great beauty. However, in Rome, the streets were packed with people. Rome was celebrating a holiday, so it was unusually crowded. At times, it became difficult to walk or to get close enough to view some of the famous sites.

View of the Crowded Trevi Fountain

The first picture was taken at the Trevi Fountain. You’re supposed to throw a coin in the fountain to return to Rome. There was little luck or fun with the prospect of making it through the crowd! So, I gave up on the prospect of returning to Rome via a coin toss.

Shuffling my tired feet back to the hotel through the crowded streets that evening, I was greeted with an unexpected gift at the hotel – a spectacular view.

The hotel had a rooftop terrace. When I stepped off the last step on my final ascent to the rooftop, there before me was the city of Rome. I could see everything from the Coliseum to the Vatican. There wasn’t a crowd in sight.

I was able to drink in all of the beauty and splendor of Rome simply by changing my view. That view took me above the crowded, noisy streets to a place of beauty and tranquility.

Here’s a picture from the terrace. What a difference a view makes!

View of Rome Above the Crowd

Just like Rome’s crowded streets, our minds are crowded with thoughts, good and bad that can skew our view of life and affect our attitude. Thoughts of fear, anxiousness and overwhelm rob us of joy.

When those crowded, negative thoughts start to hijack your mind and spirit, change your thinking. Literally change your view. If it’s possible, stop what you’re doing. Take a walk. Break the pattern of your thoughts.

Take some deep breaths and focus on your breath for a few moments. This helps you relieve anxiety to focus on the present moment.

Start thinking what you are grateful for… Your life, your breath, your children, your husband, wife, friends, etc. You can’t think negative thoughts and be grateful at the same time.

You control your attitude and view of life. You do that when you change the way you think and literally change your view! If you’re not happy with the view, you can change it.

What is your view of God? What do you think is God’s view of you? I’ve been pondering this subject and put it into a small eBook and audio book called Bringing God’s View Into Focus to Live Life with Joy and Flow. Download your free copy.

Bringing God's View Into Focus to Live with Joy and Flow