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Learning to Be Still With Meditation Video and Podcast

Learning to be still through meditation and letting go and letting God are the subjects in this video and podcast link (below). Join me, Jackie Trottmann and host Graeme Hopkins as I share my story of going from losing my mind, to finding peace and freedom.  Graeme’s show is called, “Be Empowered.”

You’ll learn:

• The importance of being still and how meditation can help

• Why holding onto the past and holding onto judgments will literally weigh you… Continue reading

A Meditation for Today

A Meditation for Today

Today you have a new start. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.

What have you learned from the past that can help you today?

What do you want to accomplish today?

Today is a gift of twenty-four precious hours. Begin today with thoughts of gratitude. Before you rush out, give thanks for what you have.

Today, make time for love and laughter.

When today is done, end today with more thoughts of gratitude. Ask yourself, “Did I… Continue reading