A Meditation for Today

A Meditation for Today

Today you have a new start. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.

What have you learned from the past that can help you today?

What do you want to accomplish today?

Today is a gift of twenty-four precious hours. Begin today with thoughts of gratitude. Before you rush out, give thanks for what you have.

Today, make time for love and laughter.

When today is done, end today with more thoughts of gratitude. Ask yourself, “Did I live today, did I love today, did I give today, did I make today matter?”

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24


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6 Responses to A Meditation for Today

  • Hi Joel,
    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Everyday is a gift because God Is Forever There. That’s why it’s called the present.

  • Hello Akinwande,
    I appreciate the comment and you, too. Well said.
    Peace to you,

  • What today’s meditation centres on are appreciating God for what we have and putting smiles on the needy. I so much appreciate you.

  • Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for expressing your thoughts and heartfelt feelings here. May you continue to experience Christ’s peace and presence. Every moment can be a new beginning. : )
    Peace to you,

  • Hi my name is Kelly I would like to take this time a out and say thank you for letting me get this change to let go take a new beginning with Jesus but not forget about yesterday just to appreciate where I have overcome my challenges that I have lived from but through it all I know that Jesus has always been right there and here no matter what I just have to remember this that he does know what he’s doing Amen God bless you peace.

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