What If It Took One Step of Courage to Turn Your Life Around

Courage House

When you think of courage you usually think of a picture of a lion. But this is a picture of my courage house.

Fear will keep you stuck, immobilized. Courage helps you to take a step forward, even if it’s only one step. That one step can make all the difference to break the paralysis of fear and turn it into momentum that can catapult you forward.

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In the Beginning it was Good – A Message of Hope and Encouragement for the New Year

The New Year always holds new hope and promise. As I continue to seek what I call, The Guided Life, a life guided by God, I know that with each new challenge God is guiding me and taking care of me. I have been building up my courage muscles and faith muscles to strengthen my spiritual walk!

My pastor, Dr. Rev. David A. Holyan, gave a sermon entitled, “In the Beginning.” Whenever I need encouragement, I pull out this sermon. It is so fitting for the New Year and I wanted to share the closing paragraph with you.

I wish for God to guide you on your journey and that you will be richly blessed in the New Year!

From: “In the Beginning”

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