When you think of courage you usually think of a picture of a lion. But this is a picture of my courage house.

Fear will keep you stuck, immobilized. Courage helps you to take a step forward, even if it’s only one step. That one step can make all the difference to break the paralysis of fear and turn it into momentum that can catapult you forward.

In regards to this courage house, what I have found is that God sends help in ways we never expected. I think God takes great delight in catching us by surprise.

I had been in a 20 year marriage. My soul was dying. I knew that I had to leave, but I was frozen with fear. Those 20 years were built around the marriage, moving into a dream home, and overseeing many remodeling projects. It was difficult to let the house go. I would need to find a small rental house within my means. To add to the fear, I was also unemployed.

I met with a friend about a business opportunity. The meeting was successful, but that was not God’s only reason for the meeting.

God Likes to Surprise Us

When I mentioned I was looking for a house she told me that she was a real estate investor and had a house that she was going to remodel. The house was literally right around the corner from the coffee shop where we met. After the meeting we headed over to the house. I took a step through the door and was immediately at peace. I imagined what the kitchen with look like, what the colors would be, how quaint the stained-glass windows were. All of my fear had evaporated in that moment. Inside I said to myself, “Jackie, you can do this.”

That one little step of walking into that rental house catapulted me forward. What’s important to note is that I didn’t have to think about taking that step. I was “open” and receptive to “step” into this opportunity.

I didn’t end up renting that house. There was another little house that I ended up renting. It wasn’t easy and I was down to my last nickel, still unemployed. But God provided a dream job. Eleven months later I met Robert. We were married nine months after that.

This outcome would not have been possible without this first step into courage. If you are frozen in fear, if you are facing some big decision that you need to make, know that God has your back. All you need to do is take one step at a time. You may not receive an answer that you are expecting. God has an answer that’s much greater.

When I moved into that rental house all of my friends helped me but I was all alone after. I wish I would have had someone to share my journey with to offer encouragement in this new life I was adjusting to. That’s why I’m inviting you to share your spiritual path with me by receiving my emails in leading a life of joy and flow that is guided by God. It’s free.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time. I love hearing from my readers.

Have you taken a courage step or need too? I’d love to hear from you by posting a comment below. Know of someone that could use some courage? Forward this post to them.