What is Spiritual Direction and How to Find a Spiritual Director

What is Spiritual Direction and What is a Spiritual Director

What is spiritual direction and what is a spiritual director? I had never heard the term spiritual director or spiritual direction until 2009 . My pastor friend Karen and I share the same philosophy. If we hear about something multiple times in a week, whether it’s a recommended book, movie or advice, that we need to pay attention.  Well, this spiritual direction and spiritual director topic popped up everywhere!

That included a trip to see dear friends in Wisconsin. When I showed them this website and the work I was doing, Dave said, “You need a spiritual director.”

He had one and told me that pastors within the Presbyterian Church are required to have a spiritual director. He explained how spiritual directors are there to be a companion with you on your spiritual journey. They attend to you with the presence and call of God in your life. A spiritual director is not a therapist, but rather a listener who can be helpful as you open yourself up more fully to the action of God’s Spirit. In fact, Dave has since retired and he and his wife Elaine have become spiritual directors.

If you are seeking a closer walk with God, need discernment, having a crisis in faith, or are experiencing a yearning that you can’t understand, spiritual direction could be right for you.

After being inundated with God pointing me in the spiritual director direction, I have been seeing a spiritual director since 2009. We meet once a month. Sometimes I come with issues that I am trying to deal with and sometimes I share how God has been working in my life. My spiritual director will help me to interpret my thoughts, dreams (as in the sleeping type dreams), questions and struggles. It’s been a wonderful experience to have a spiritual companion that is an observer and a source of support.

Keep reading for what to expect from spiritual direction.

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