What is Spiritual Direction and How to Find a Spiritual Director

Is there a cost to Spiritual Direction?

The cost of spiritual direction is in the form of a donation which is usually between $35-$55 per session. Most places are flexible depending on the need of the person and fees can be reduced if necessary.

How do you find a Spiritual Director?

You can find a spiritual director through a website called Spiritual Directors International. http://sdiworld.org. You can also ask your pastor if they know of any spiritual directors. Also, if you live in a rural area and have access through the Internet, some spiritual directors will even do one on one direction through Skype. Read what to look for in a spiritual director.

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2 Responses to What is Spiritual Direction and How to Find a Spiritual Director

  • Hi Anna,
    Nice to see you here. :) I tried something different with that article, which was broken up in pieces at the bottom. Apparently, that didn’t work too well(!), because the answers are in part 3 which is here: Cost and How to Find a Spiritual Director. But before you click, here are the answers also.

    Here is a link to the Spiritual Directors International website where you can find one. Yes, you can find a Christian one. Many spiritual directors are Catholic nuns. My first director was a nun. My current director is a former Presbyterian minister. You do pay a donation each time. It is based on ability to pay. Some don’t charge, but most charge between $40-$50. The sessions are usually 50-60 minutes. I have been seeing a spiritual director since 2007. Along with meditation, it’s the best investment I’ve made to deepen my faith. I see my director once a month.

    If you go back to the article, scroll down to see the numbers in the left corner. There are four parts to the article.

    If you have any other questions, just respond directly to me in any of the emails you’ve received from me. I’m glad you are enjoying the meditations and God Notes. I’m excited to share that God Notes is now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version. It’s a dream come true! The book turned out beautiful!

    Thank you for your kind words and for your comment.

    Peace to you,

  • Dear Jackie,
    Greetings! Enjoying your blog. ‘Love what you are doing with your meditation CD’s (which, I own). Your voice and the music are very relaxing. Really enjoy your sample 14 daily meditations! Looking forward to my husband eventually downloading these meditation files from the CD purchase email to the cell phone — just waiting on God’s timing.

    Just read your article about using a Spiritual Director. Where does one procure one — a Christian one? Do you pay them, or contribute a donation each time?

    Thank you, Anna Simon

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