Prayer for Loneliness


 A Prayer for Loneliness

Loneliness is a feeling that can overwhelm us whether we live in a remote area or in a crowded city. Sadly, loneliness can exist in relationships with two people living under the same roof. There can be a gulf of hurt, anger and resentment so wide that feelings of loneliness and isolation fill that gulf.

If you are feeling alone, know that you are not alone. God created us to have a relationship with us.

The disciples felt alone as Jesus told them that he had to leave them.  To assure them that they weren’t alone, he said, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” John 14:18

Jesus went on to say, in John 16:32 and 33, “I am not alone, because the Father is with me. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Here is a prayer to help you feel God’s presence, right here, right now.

A Prayer for Loneliness

Dear Gracious and Loving God,

Help me to feel your presence.

My heart aches and I feel so alone.

I miss a human touch, someone to take my hand or give me a hug.

I long for someone to tell me everything will be alright.

Please send your Comforter to me and take this loneliness away.

Help me instead of feeling empty, to feel full of the love you have for me.

Help me to know in my heart and remember that according to your Word; I am never alone because you are with me.

Your love and peace is with me, right now, in this moment. I feel it and I am not alone.


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Loneliness can be a spiritual invitation to find peace in the solitude of the heart.

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107 Responses to Prayer for Loneliness

  • Hi Jem,
    Thank you for sharing here. I’m glad that you were able to feel God’s presence. All of us will feel loneliness from time to time. I believe that part of that longing, emptiness or loneliness can only be filled by God. It’s the spirit part of us. Isolation is not good, however. We live in a world where neighbors no longer know neighbors. People walk past you without acknowledgment. Most people are connected to their devices by themselves or with others. I believe we have lost true connection – which is not good. Jem, if you have reached out to others and they are not friendly or give in return, then they are not the right people.

    As far as friends, I would again look at our culture. The image presented is that we are supposed to have a lot. It’s like an arms race on Facebook to see how many friends one has. Crazy. Truth be told, if you have one friend that will stay with you though thick and thin, you are probably in the company of few. True friends will show their true colors when you are faced with a crisis. They will also rejoice with you when you have a success instead of being jealous. True friendship is rare.

    Watching movies, reading books, playing games are all distractions. Perhaps your loneliness is God trying to get your attention. Just a thought. :) I know that when I spend time in meditation, journaling, being still – I can feel God’s presence. God’s presence is always with us. We just allow ourselves to feel disconnected. I was just reading in John, Chapter 17 this morning. It’s one of the most beautiful chapters in the Bible. It is a prayer that Jesus offers to his disciples. In it he says, “As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us. The glory that you have given me I have given them, (us) so they may be one, I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one.” And, “I made your name known, so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

    Jesus stressed this oneness with God throughout this chapter. We are never disconnected from God. We just believe that we are. When we can fully comprehend that God’s love, Spirit and power is within us, always, we can dismiss those thoughts of loneliness and isolation.

    I would not “feel bad for being lax.” It is not easy to go against the tsunami of distractions and messages that we are bombarded with in our consumer driven culture. Those messages are that we are not enough and we constantly need more. Take some time to be still. Talk to God, just like you wrote this comment. Then listen for God’s reply.

    I feel so connected because of involvement with my church. I am able to be in community with others to share my joys, struggles and questions I have about my faith. If you don’t attend a church (sadly, that part of our society is dwindling too), I would recommend you find a church where you can be involved. Make sure that the teaching resonates with you and feeds your soul. We weren’t meant to be alone. We thrive in community. Jesus was never alone. He had his disciples by his side. So, I would recommend you find a good faith community that you can join that will welcome you and where you can find connection. Didn’t mean to go on. I just know for sure that meditation, being still, seeking out others for spiritual connection and finding a church home have turned my loneliness into a meaningful life of connection with God and with others. I wish that for you Jem and for all reading this post and comments.

  • Hi this prayer has given me peace. Thank you very much. As I was reading/praying the part where it says that God will never leave us, I’d like to say that I felt his presence.

    I don’t know if my loneliness is just a phase that I am going through since I have always been kind of a loner and I tend to live in my head. But sometimes I really feel that I am alone. Trying to reach out to others doesn’t always work like they say it does, because either that person, or that group of friends already have their own bonds and even though you get accepted as one of them, you’re never really the priority.

    And that just sucks. I don’t really know what to do now but I have been feeling pangs of loneliness for some time. I have tried to amuse myself by watching movies, reading books, or playing games and such but nothing has really worked for long. I’m hoping that I can find some answer with God again. I feel bad for being lax.

  • Dear Margot,
    When your comment came in, I have continued to hold you in my prayers. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such pain. I pray that God will provide you strength to carry on for your daughter and for your sake too. I hope that you can reach out to others for support where you live. Perhaps just writing this out will help you. For those reading, please say a prayer for Margot.

  • hi i just want a person can talk about my feelings right now i cant decide what im gonna do now all i want is to support and give her a good life but how can i do that if me as a person feeling weak everyday i have a lots of bad experience i dont know how to handle it if i decide to stop my life her life would be miserable thats why even if its hurts even if its hard for me live well i live and i work because i really my daughter and my family i always have a partner that i think is not good for me but i keep holding because somehow somewhere he would be perfect but when why god always give me reason to give up why i always put in wrong way why i cant be happy for a long time why happines is just for a minute not for a lifetime im a sinner
    but pls help me to be good and to live with you in you words lord god give me reason not give up i love my life i want live simple support my family thats it i cant be so happy because i feel like a beggar taking the time of others family just to be me they love me but i cant tell them mine i dont wanna be so selfish i just want to live right given a chance to have a person that i can call mine well pls make me fall inlove with that person and make me and my daugther be very comportable with him if none well pls take me a deep breath and face tha thruth that i cant have it all i just cady only cady my loving family pls make me feel so happy with them i feel so ignore right now i know that we have our own lives before weve been together but right now im tired soooooooooo tired loving the person in the end i cant call mine its just im just someones girl i feel nothing i feel not so important im so depressed what can i do i lost everything i cant even think for a happy thouhts i really want to stop and feel lost for just one night i want to take rest for my problems i dont want this life but when i think for my daughter how can she be now how can give her a good life if im about to give up how can i live this life pls help mo oh lord give me streght give me hope if i lost him i lost my job well i lost evertyhing i just wait for what??? feel so darkness when im with him feel so hard to live with him im not happy now i want to end this very soon i just wait to be settle to work far with him and live just me and my baby we dont need everything me and my baby is enough pls i want to sleep pls give a peace of mind lord i love you with all my hearts pls help im begging you sorry for all ive done i always think first now before i will do everthing just be with me lord pls i need you to be my guidance my stregth to hold in this life

  • Hi Ashley,
    Sorry to hear that you are overwhelmed and confused. I pray that God will fill you with love, comfort, guidance, clarity and discernment in your life.

  • Overwhelmed – A lot of stress and very confused. I try to stay positive but I feel alone no-one I feel to comfort me as I comfort others. I just am very confused about my life and what God wants me to do. Love the prayer by the way it helped.

  • Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for your courage in sharing in such a transparent way. While this post is a prayer for loneliness, I know that you are not alone in your circumstances. When I read a comment like this, I don’t wish to respond right away. I love to cook, and I will use a metaphor for my responses and that is to let the words “marinate” for a while. Marinating takes time and adds flavor and tenderness to to a dish, so I wish to offer a thoughtful response. : )

    I couldn’t help but look at your words, “Normally I can push through,” in regards to the holidays and “career driven that has supported herself for twenty years without the help of the man.” It seems that you have been “pushing through” most of your life. I can certainly relate. My mother was in an abusive relationship with my father. She didn’t work and had no way to financially support herself. So, she stayed in the marriage making it work to get what she needed. I vowed that I would “never be dependent on a man or anyone” for that matter. I too had an all-consuming career in radio. The man I met who became my husband had an all consuming career in television. We spent 20 years together, but in many ways, we lived separate lives. I ended up leaving because it was a situation where my soul was dying. We did not share a relationship with God in the center. So, when you said, “no man,” I would add the importance of having “the right man.”

    I feel your pain on wanting balance, especially on the career front. I can have an addictive personality and can easily lapse into being a workaholic because I am very driven. The “mid-life crisis” of the 40’s makes sense because in a sense, being 40 forces you to wake up and take an inventory of your life. You no longer have all the time in the world. You find that the success and accumulation of things don’t hold the meaning they once have. I’m sure that’s why your man left you for someone 20 years younger. Sadly, it wasn’t about you, it was about him holding onto youth. So, he wasn’t the right man for you. (My humble opinion.)

    I am blessed to be married to Robert. We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I brought a LOT of baggage to my first marriage. I am the one who ended it, so I am placing no blame on him. Robert was also married before for 20 years. He had a lot of baggage too. It wasn’t until we were able to let go of that baggage that, I believe, God saw to bring us together.

    After my divorce, I attended a seminar where the pastor leading it said, “Fill in the blank. Without blank, life would not be worth living.” I was dating someone I had met at my high school reunion and fell in love with him almost instantly. Turned out he was a Christian and we had gone back as far as kindergarten. I wrote the word love. He wrote the word health because his father had died in his 50s and he was concerned about his own health. The room was buzzing. Then the pastor said, “If you wrote anything but God, that is what you worship.” The room fell silent. When I got home that night, I burst into tears. I wanted love SO desperately and thought that was an honorable thing. I told God that I didn’t trust him to love me and for that to be enough. After that night I put God in that blank.

    It wasn’t until I surrendered and put God first that my life really fell into place. I met Robert a few months later. I know that Robert is a gift. We love God together and serve God together. Who knows how much time we will have on this earth together.

    So Jenny, I hope this helps. I hope that you will find ways to love and nurture yourself so that work is not all consuming. I pray that you will find peace in knowing how much you are loved by God and that you would accept God’s love. I pray that you will find a loving partner, the right partner to share life with.

    Peace to you,

  • Where to start…well firstly I take responsibility for being single still. Career driven, I’m proud to say I’m a woman that has supported herself for twenty years without the help of a man. Secondly, let me say I would have loved to have found a man to spend my life with. In truth, I thought I had and spent age 35-40 with a man I loved dearly. He is now married to a girl 20 years my junior (I’m 43 and he’s 40) and still heartbroken. I’ve dated, tried it all and not tried a bit. At this point I just feel lost…a career I work non stop at, no family and alas…no man. Normally I can push through, but the holidays are just brutal. I pray that God gives me peace, balance and the ability to enjoy life with or without a partner. At this point, I’m just feeling hopeless and need an intervention from the big man upstairs.

  • Hi Roma,
    Thank you for being brave and sharing what you are experiencing. Being a teenage girl in and of itself is very challenging. When I was a teenager, I felt like an alien had possessed my body! It was a very difficult time at home and at school. I also struggled with my weight and never had a date. I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with hirsutism. Hormones are complicated as it is during this time, and I’m sure that this adds to your feelings of low self esteem. If you don’t belong to a church, I would tell you to seek out a good church with a good youth group where you can find support and fellowship. The youth group I had through my teenage years truly saved me. I was loved and accepted by them. You mentioned having confidence at one point. I know that your confidence can return. From what I read about hirsutism, there are things that you can do to make your life better. I will keep you in my prayers that you will find relief and people that will support you. Roma, I know that you find it hard to believe, but the best is yet to come. You will get through this and thrive. Psalm 34 is a great Psalm. Verse 18 says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” For those who come across this post, please keep Roma in your prayers.
    Sending you loving, healing energy,

  • Hi, i’m a teenage girl who have always felt empty in some way, i was never the first choice of a friend and never had a real support system among family. I have felt depressed, angry and lost all faith in god for a while and i feel lost myself like i can’t find good christian friends or evolve as a person. I feel embarrassed of myself because i suffer from a condition , hirsutism and anxiety, everyday i have low self esteem and try to cover the marks, hair my skin got now. I feel like my life turned bad and i’m disappointed. Sometimes i feel unloved and suicidal, it’s hard to deal with economic issues and family problems as well as my own alone. I know healing isn’t something i’ll receive but i can’t go on living like this, i want to be happy and i just can’t see that happening until i am healed and gain my confidence back. I feel robbed on my years here living. Please keep in your prayers .

  • Hello Guy,
    Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation and the pain and loneliness that you are feeling. Is there any way that you can keep up communication with your children by asking about them and not necessarily expressing your loneliness? I don’t know how old they are, but I would think you and they would want to keep communicating and remain strongly connected.
    Unfortunately, I know that mothers can alienate their children from fathers. But children are smarter than we give them credit. They will know truth when they see it. So, I would do all that I could to be a positive influence in their lives, regardless of what happened that was unfair. I know so little from a paragraph that you have written, but that would be encouragement that I would offer you.
    Wishing for God’s peace and comfort to enfold you through this difficult time.

  • Hi Angelica,
    Thank you for being brave in sharing. Due to unusual travel, I am finally able to respond. Sorry that I was not able to respond sooner. I also like to read comments several times in order to take in what I observe.
    It appears that the person you are with is still married(?) You mentioned being separated and not divorced. They have been separated “for many years.” So, why have they not made a divorce final? If he loves you and wants you to be his wife, then why hasn’t that happened?
    On another note, any time someone looks at phone messages, reads emails or picks up another person’s journal or private messages, that sends a big red flag to me of lack of trust. It’s also a violation for that person. I would be angry if someone read my messages. However, I have learned to do my best to live my life from a place of truth. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I do my best to be transparent. If someone read an email or journal, I would write from a place of truth. Loving relationships are built on truth and trust.
    This is not to say that you are wrong in feeling hurt because of the interaction that is going on with his ex. The question I would ask is – are you getting what you need from this relationship? Or are you settling for strictly “male companionship?”
    I understand how tough it is to be a single mom. Financially, it is not easy. It’s not easy if you don’t have a support system. What could you do to build a bigger support system? Are you putting all of your emotional needs and physical needs into this relationship? If so, you will set yourself up for heartache if this does dissolve. You also won’t have a firm foundation for yourself and your child or children.
    Sometimes you need to walk away. I’d have a heart to heart talk with your significant other and express how you feel. I’m a big supporter of writing in a journal or writing a letter. You don’t have to give the letter to him, but you can get out what you feel and look at it to evaluate where this relationship is truly going. It can help you express how you feel instead of getting emotional.
    We sometimes look for others to bring us happiness and wholeness. But to fully love and be loved, we must be whole. If you haven’t had a chance, please read what Kay Briggs wrote. Loneliness is an emptiness inside of us when we don’t feel loved, worthy and whole. Our past relationships and life knocking us down can erode our happiness and worthiness. But we are all children of God. God created each and everyone of us to love us. We are worthy. We are lovable. We are whole.
    I will hold you in my prayers and wish you peace, the fullness of God’s love and that you won’t feel loneliness or emptiness.

  • Just wondering if someone could give me some advice. I have been saying this prayer for 4 days now. Not sure what is going on. I seemed to have a very perfect relationship. Then overnight at one instance everything changed. The problem started when we went out and he was constantly texting on his phone. It ended up linking back to his ex. I requested to read the phone conversations. They have (4) mutual children together but have been seperated for many years. When we met I made it clear that I am monogomous and expect the same from my partner. He assured me he was and there was nothing going on with his ex. I read a message that bothered me, he was telling his ex that she was beatiful. She was not seeking anything from him but he continuously was offerring. He stated to me that she was down and he was building her up. Later we had a second recent incident she called at 2 am. No children emergency. Then I came home around 1030 and he was in our room with the doors closed on the phone with his ex. I again looked at the text message. The most recent messages where paragraphs from her. She was saying to him I do not want to get back with you, and doing something for the kids is not enough. I didnt get to read on to what he said, he snatched the phone and was very angry. I am so very hurt right now. He continues to tell me he loves me and wants me as his wife and there is nothing going on with her. But I just feel so hurt. I pray and the pain goes away only for the discomfort to return another day. I am so lonely. And so scared to let the relationship go, as a single parent it is very hard. I have no real support system and I really long for male companionship. All I can do is talk about this and pray to God. I am so hurt. I want to leave him. But I still have love in my heart and I am seeking God to help me decide what to do. But still the pain lingers.

    Any advice is greatly accepted.

  • The prayer really touches my heart. My wife and children have abandoned me. My wife no longer cares about my day to day affairs. Because we live islands apart, my children avoid to text me because they would want to avoid to hear the truth, the fact that their father is lonely and all by himself. I have deeply involved myself in prayers and daily masses, but as human, pain and loneliness prevail.

  • Dear Kay,
    Thank you SO much for your courage and for sharing how you have healed, found wholeness and have overcome loneliness. For everyone reading this post and the comments, I met Kay on a return train ride from visiting Robert’s son and grandchildren in San Antonio, Texas. Our meeting was a Divine connection, the kind of connection that only God could make. Our conversation lasted only a few minutes, because we met just before Robert and I were being called to dinner in the dining car. I thought God put Kay in my path based on words of affirmation that I needed to hear. But that was only the beginning. Kay handed me her card and told me that she wrote a book. I always like to support artists and writers and purchased the book when I got home. The name of her book is The Magic Seashells – From a Sea of Darkness to an Ocean of Love – Healing Depression and Childhood Abuse.

    I read Kay’s book in one sitting and balled my eyes out what this precious woman that I met on the train had to suffer as a precious, little girl.

    Kay and I have had many soul-centered conversations since. We discussed this prayer for loneliness and the comments and I requested that Kay share her story and triumph over loneliness.

    Kay only has a limited number of her books. If you are interested in one, please contact me through the contact form here: I will put you in touch with Kay.

    May God’s love enfold you. May you find that you are not alone. I can’t say it any better than what Kay has said to help you overcome your loneliness.

    Love you Kay. You are a treasure.

  • Dear Jackie,

    I have read the comments on loneliness and can relate to yours and everyone’s. Since I am 77 years old and have done much personal healing and growth work, I would like to share how I feel about my loneliness in the past and now. Someone wrote a poem that said, “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” There have been so many times when there have been people all around me, and I have thought, “people, people everywhere and not a one with whom I can be authentic.”

    I am an extrovert and love to give parties and attend them and have done that and many other activities so as not to feel my loneliness—stayed busy, busy, and then I could numb out the loneliness. It worked until a few years ago when my body would no longer let me stuff my feelings in it anymore, and I had to let the feelings start manifesting themselves, or I was going to become ill. Journaling with God and my inner child has been my salvation for myself for years. Lately the pain in my body became so bad, I found myself seeing a cranial sacral therapist to address the emotional and physical pain stored in my body.

    And then I began research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of which we have all known about, especially where soldiers were concerned. How many of us have taken the time to understand it and know that it actually happens to many of us in various ways. I began to realize through childhood trauma and other times of trauma that I did not let myself feel the physical or emotional pain, and more and more I had become disconnected from my body and was in my head. I am learning this means that I do not have my whole self, and therefore there is a disconnection between my mind and my body—I am not embodied. This results in depression and PTSD.

    I had bottled up anger that I acted out on undeserving people. I was afraid of my own shadow—bottled up fear. I had incredible sadness and grief I had never allowed myself to feel. And since parts of me dissociated in times of trauma—those were really the feelings—I didn’t have my whole self. Thus, I had so much LONELINESS inside me. I wasn’t whole. I didn’t have all of me. As I have done the cranial sacral therapy, which is discussed on line, my nervous system has begun to heal, and my spine is coming into alignment. I have released much stored emotional and physical pain, and I am becoming whole. AND I AM NO LONGER LONELY.

    I have myself and am with myself and not needy and I love and value myself, etc. It is a wonderful way to live. I didn’t know it was possible to be this content with myself. Has everyone experienced this? I don’t know. I just know that my life is changing by leaps and bounds, and I am continuing to learn about PTSD and I am no longer blocked from God and my spiritual self by all the frozen feelings. I am thawing and I am with God, and I am living in gratitude and love and joy. Thank you, my Lord.


  • Dear Robert,
    Your writing is so deep and beautiful. It truly comes from your soul. I wanted to respond to thank you and let you know I received your comment. The last few days have been filled with caring for my mother and other family concerns, so I am not able to respond at length at the moment.

    There are more thoughts I have about my experience with God and how God has worked in my life in relationship matters. I will post those as soon as I have the time and attention that is needed.

    In the mean time, I truly wish I could take away your loneliness and the loneliness of those here.

    Peace to you and I will share more very soon.


  • Thanks, Jackie – and I did read your answer to Mike. I wish… Well, we know about psychology and we know that stuff goes back to childhood, etc. For some reason going alone seems to have become a disposition that is somewhat of a defense mechanism and simultaneously it turns others away or off, and we know this, and that at its root is fear. And, with all this we probably don’t love ourselves, somehow logically, we don’t love our lives.
    Going out – where ? Event with crowds, or questionable meeting places (bars, dating website ?) – turn out to be turn off, to be honest.
    And to be honest, I came to trust God, fully, to love God (not fully, probably, only He loves fully). I look for God always – maybe too much (?), because I have been just turning into an hermit ? (If that is God’s plan for me ?) Whatever, this is too heavy (and not uplifting). I don’t know and understand this.
    Even so, even hermits eventually came to form communities (monasticism). Isolation does become inhuman and unbearable.
    We also know that today’s people are mostly problematic – so it is almost something like a oracle, or exception, to meet someone who could (potentially) become a (real, actual) friend, over time.
    I do not dwell on this – brushing it aside I look for God Whom help could come from. And we know “love God and your neighbor as yourself…” – nevertheless I can not fix this. God’s will – may it be that for our kind there is a solitary life and that is it. ?
    I am over 60 – I ask for friends, and one for companion… God did make me move in direction of reaching out and going among people, but long-standing (psycho-mental) patterns tend to hold still, and I am just “reserved” and I can not change that; a companion (?) has not come within sight.
    You know, those our kind could relate to seem to be very much in a similar disposition – so it is hard, on both ends, to break the pattern – we are all worn and torn…
    I wonder if I see this in any age-group though, some more acute than others… What a modern world, that is.
    But, what to do ? Thanks again.

  • Hi Robert,
    Thank you for commenting. I hope that you receive my response to you in a loving way. If you haven’t, please read my response to Mike which is just above his comment. In short, this prayer was written as I remembered my loneliness during my divorce. I yearned for a physical touch. It was painful.

    We were not created to be alone. Jesus was not alone. He had his disciples, his community.

    In my teens and early twenties I was desperately lonely. I was also isolated. I lived at home with my mother. My life consisted of going to a miserable job and home again, day after day. I had no friends. I was not involved with a church. I had no hobbies or activities. So…. I would ask the question (not asking you to answer here) if you are getting out into the world to meet people?

    I would also ask if you live by the greatest commandment – to love God, love your neighbor and love yourself. Do you love yourself? If you don’t love you, how do you expect others to love you?

    I would beg to differ that God very much guides us and brings people into our lives. It has happened for me time and time again. God brought Robert and I together. But….. until we both let go of all of the baggage we carried and brought a healthy and whole person to the relationship, it would have never happened. We were both ready. We both love God, our neighbor (depending on the neighbor, this is not always easy) and ourselves.

    I attended a workshop called Inside Out. The gist was just that, living from the inside. The pastor that lead the workshop said, “Fill in the blank. Without blank….. life would not be worth living.” The room was buzzing. The pastor asked people to share their answers. One said health, I said love. The pastor said, “If you put anything but God in the blank, that is what you worship.” I went home that night and cried my eyes out. I thought love was such a wonderful answer. But I was SO desperate for love. I had put wanting to love someone else over loving God. That night I told God that I didn’t trust him. I wanted to trust him. After that night, I began to love God first.

    I am truly sad that you and so many are lonely. I hope that you will seek God’s love and peace that surpasses all understanding. That you will feel completely loved by God. That you in turn would be lovable, and that God would deliver the right person for you to share your life with.
    Peace to you,

  • Mike – you say it as it is. Living lonely life, always alone, is just inhuman. There is no prayer for God sending us/guiding us to friends/helpers – corporeal humans – and/or sending/guiding us to them, to bring us together. We are humans and we just need other humans to share life with. To be honest, praying for the spirit/comforter for company is not an adequate substitute. And there is no prayer, no suggestion…

  • Thank you Ali for writing back and for your kind words. Until we realize that we are more alike than different, we will not have peace or peace on earth. I hope you realize what a strong person you are!
    Keep us posted on all the wonderful things you are going to do.

  • Thank you Jackie for your wisdom and kind words.
    Thank you for being so accepting of others and allowing me to release in your sage place. You are truly a wonderful woman.
    God has a special place for you.
    Thank you again.

  • Dear Ali,
    Thank you for being so brave to share your story here. That took great courage and authenticity. Healing and transformation takes place in our lives when we face the truth. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    Denial is a powerful tactic we use to protect ourselves. Now that you have admitted what has happened, you can begin to find yourself again. We all get lost.

    You stated your jealousy for close friends who “seemed” to have the world. We often think that other peoples’ lives are better. But until we live in someone else’s skin, we will not know what they are feeling. Privilege in the form of housing and clothing and nice things does not mean that lives are not empty and that love and support are there. There are many children who live in mansions yet have been emotionally abandoned.

    It is only natural to seek out love. I’ve certainly been there. Unfortunately, out of our desperation to be loved we seek outside of ourselves and look to others to provide. Unless they are grounded in pure love, in a God love, they will only continue to take. Love, peace, purpose, and power come from within.

    Your story reminds me of the story in John Chapter 8. I suggest you read it. It is about the woman caught in the act of adultery. She is about to be stoned to death. Jesus steps in and says, “Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” No one does. Everyone leaves. Jesus and the woman are standing alone. He says, “Where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She says, “No sir.” And he says, “Then neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

    Does that mean we will never sin again? No. Frankly, I don’t like the word sin. We are forgiven, and the word sin has such powerful, negative weight. Sin has come to mean damnation. In the original Greek it is translated as missing the mark, falling short. We all fall short. When we do, we pick ourselves up, learn from our shortcomings and start again.

    Ali, you are very deserving. You are a child of God. You have God’s love, Spirit and power within you.

    God can turn your life around in an instant.

    I hope that you can find support where you are. There are organizations out there that can help you. Find a good church where you will be loved and accepted. Surround yourself with people with high integrity. Become a person with high integrity. You don’t have to feel lost any longer. You can be a light for others in darkness.

    You will be returning on the road to your true self. It is a journey to be taken one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself. Be patient. Be kind. Allow God to love you and restore you to wholeness. Forgive yourself. God already has.

    God is the God of second, third and a million chances.

    Sending you love, peace and courage to you,

  • Jackie,
    I am a young lady, suffering from an extreme illness of sin that I feel there is no more hope. I find my hope and put my faith in God.
    I have never told my story. I have yet to admit it to myself.
    Here it goes:
    I have always been Christian. I love God and I have seen His miracles. I know He is all power and everything good that can fill my heart.
    I have lost myself. I have lost my path.
    I grew up in a family that was not what you would call privledged, my parents constantly together or a part, being taken in and out of my home. I was constantly driven by feelings of jealousy for all my close friends who seemed to have the world.
    I turned to a relationship for comfort as soon as I was 13. I was with my first love for 3 years and I knew I would marry him. He promised me marriage if I was to give him everything. He was my first everything. And he to my surprise, left me, I was traumatized.
    I turned immediately to my second relationship with a non Christian. He was a drug dealer.
    I never used drugs and still did not the day I was at his house when it was raided.
    I was charged 8 felonies for drugs I had never touched.
    At this point in my life I turned to sin. I began letting temptation run my life. My boyfriend was a negative influence on me and all I could see was that I needed to turn him to God.
    I lost myself. I felt I had no one to turn to and once I turned 18, still dating my second boyfriend, began looking for something to help me.
    I looked up back pages online and with no where to go, was drawn an escort agency.
    I began to escort, I began doing drugs.
    I am proud to say after a couple years that I am clean of drugs and happier.
    My record and charges prevents me from finding a job and I cannot attend college or survive with no income.
    I need guidance. I need God. I still pray daily though I know that I am undeserving.
    I feel damned.

  • Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for the comment. I like that you used the word “safe.” That is what I want to provide, a safe place where people can come. Stay tuned. I’ll be following up this prayer with how to turn the pain of loneliness into the gift of solitude. Everyone feels loneliness at times. We are all connected and alike at our core. If more people believed that, we would have peace in the world.
    Peace to you,

  • Jackie, I’d like to thank you for creating this safe zone on here. You won’t imagine how it’s helped me to deal with my loneliness and anxiety. I want to thank you and pray that God richly bless you to enable you continue all the great work you’re doing for people like me. You won’t imagine how many people in the world are like me. It’s great to know there are great thoughtful and helpful people out there like you Thank you.

  • You are welcome. Thank you for commenting.
    Peace to you,

  • Thank you so much for this!

  • Hello brother Carlos,
    Thank you for your courage in writing and sharing your struggles with the world. In along with lifting you up in prayer, I would ask that all who read this would lift Carlos up in prayer (and others who have posted here).

    Why? Because we are all in this together. We are all part of the human race, created by God. We are all connected. Until we can put aside judgments and differences, we will not have peace on earth. As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

    I am sorry to hear of your depression, insomnia, anxiety, loneliness and loss of sight. It is a lot to bear.

    Reading your words brought these words from the prophet Isaiah to mind from chapter 61, verse 1 and 2: “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me; he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” And Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 3:17 and 18: “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit.”

    In the Old Testament there are many stories of God delivering people from bondage and slavery. Jesus, in the New Testament, came to save us from the bondage of sin. Paul tells us that the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. We are forgiven. We are free from the bondage of sin. From the Message version of the Bible, Mark 1:15 says, “Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here. Change your life and believe the Message.”

    I can’t begin to understand your suffering. My prayers go out to you. While your body may be hurting, I will pray even more that your mind and spirit will be filled with God’s amazing love and peace. God’s kingdom is something to be a part of and partake in right now. Peace to you Carlos,

  • Hello sister Jacky, I want to tell you that I have been very touched by your artical and humble story. I wish to be more open like you and some of the people who did comment on your page. I have suffered depression and anxiety, alone with loneliness and chronic insomnia already for 43 years since I was 18 when I lost my physical sight. God had mercy on and saved my life in 1991 when I was thinking for many years very badly against my life. I thank God every day for having given me faith to believe in his beloved son Jesus who died for such an undeserving sinner like me.. I thank God every day for his great mercy and wonderful grace in Jesus, and for the blessed hope that I look forward and wait eagerly every day for the coming of my compassionate and loving savior Jesus that promise to me that I will never, never suffer againg of depression and loneliness and being ignored, forsaken and rejected for most people in this valley of tears like the bible says. Thank you for letting me to share a little of my long story. God bless you and your ministry and all the people who wrote to you. I enjoyed and was touched and encouraged by their comments. in Christ, my only hope of life in this troubled world, Carlos

  • Thank you for having the courage to write. I didn’t answer right away because I wanted to be mindful of a response to offer you. First, let me tell you a story. I have a very dear friend who had a son but couldn’t have any more children. She wanted a girl and adopted one. Her daughter had lots of health problems at the time of her birth, but my friend connected with this precious little infant and wanted to care for her. Through the years, life remained difficult. She left for college. It is there that she decided that she was not comfortable as her gender. The struggle and agony she suffered was not living with the truth that she knew inside of her. The truth was that she was wired to be a man. Her mother was taken aback at first (to say the least), but she supported her in her decision to have surgery. My friend grieved at first, because she had lost a daughter, the daughter she always wanted. Now her son is thriving. The joy on his face is proof that his soul, his essence was dying prior to making this decision. My friend lost friends and family members who did not support this decision. My response to that is until any of us live in another person’s skin, we cannot know what is on their hearts and how they truly feel. We cannot judge. Did my friend ask for this to happen? No. Did her daughter ask for this to happen? No. I know that the decision to change genders is complicated and pretty much final. My friend’s daughter went through a lot of soul searching and a lot of counseling to determine whether this was the right decision. May you through your own discernment, God’s direction, and trusted, professional counseling determine what you should do. May your friends and family continue to love you for “you.” If they don’t, may God give you the strength to come through this and provide you with loving support. I know that there are lots of support groups surrounding this. I liked how you phrased “gender affirming surgery.”
    My heart goes out to you in your loneliness. You are not alone. God is with you. May you find peace,

  • I’ve been dealing with some mental health depression issues that have caused me to withdraw from old friends. Now in my 50’s, old gender issues that I thought were behind me have come to the forefront of my life again. I’m seriously considering gender affirming surgery which will put me on the outs with friends and family forever. I hope I’m able to cope with God’s help. Forgive me.

  • Isabell,
    Thank you for your courage to write to ask for help. My favorite prayer in desperate times is, “Help”. It is only natural to feel depressed when a relationship ends. It is a loss, a death. It’s also natural to go through the five stages of grief in a loss such as this: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. While the first four can be in different order, acceptance is usually last. Acceptance gives you peace and courage to move forward.

    By stating, “Give me strength for me to leave all this behind and see the world in a more positive way instead of living my life in a monotone way,” (I love your word, monotone by the way), you have already decided that you want change to happen. Change can only happen when you decide things need to change. You are on your way.

    Once you decide to move forward, here is another prayer to let go. If you hold onto the hurts of the past, they will weigh you down. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Peace and courage to you,

  • I have been feeling so depressed and alone these days. My other half is not with me and I feel as if my life has no sense anymore. I don’t normally pray but in my despair and hope for this feeling to end i’m reaching out to these prayers, to hope, to you my lord to give me strength for me to leave all this behind and to give me a new way in which I can see the world in a more positive way instead of living my life in a monotone way. I would be really thankful if you could keep me in your prayers and thanks a lot for this prayer that I can look up to for these bleak times.

  • Dear Raul,
    I would like to offer words for support, but they are hard to express when something likes this happens. Your world has been turned upside down. I personally know what it feels like to be abandoned on many fronts. I will lift you up in prayer that you will find strength to put one foot in front of the other. At times like these, sometimes the only prayer we can cry out or whisper is, Help. God is listening. You are not alone. God is beside you. May you find peace, courage and strength to pick up the pieces. It will take time. I know you have to be there for your boys, but don’t forget to take care of you. If you don’t take care of you, you can’t be there for them. I hope that you will seek out family, friends or others who can be there for you as a loving presence to lean on too.

  • Hi, I am feeling alone and abandoned my my partner of 20 years and the mother of our 3 boys, I don’t know how to deal with this loneliness, its tearing me apart.

  • Hi Timothy,
    I hope that you had a restful sleep and that the job interview outcome will be what is best for you. You didn’t sound enthusiastic about it, so if it does not work out, I pray that you find something that will bring you purpose, joy and meaning. In our loneliness, I am reminded of the verses from John 15:16-18 “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave comfortless: I will come to you.”
    May you know God’s deep love for you and that your loneliness will not remain.
    Peace to you,

  • I am so lonely and down tonight. I just now prayed your prayer for loneliness and read the scripture. I need peace from my weariness from well doing. The monotony of life.
    I am a senior now and I have a job interview tomorrow for a job I don’t really want and probably can’t do because of my chronic pain. I’m just going to add now a request for the Holy Spirit to come and be with me tonight so that I may rest and sleep in peace. Thank you Lord. May thy kingdom come and thy will be done. Amen.

  • Prayers for love and peace go out to you.

  • I need everyone to pray for me I’m in need of love and peace within.

  • Hello Ciro,
    Thank you for commenting and my heart goes out to you in feeling a lack of love. I would hope that you feel love from your friends and family. If it is romantic love that you are seeking, 48 is not old. I was 49 when I met Robert. We were married 9 months later. Prior to meeting Robert, there was a lot of emotional baggage that I had to release. God brought us together at the perfect time. I’ve found that I need to let go in order to receive. Ask to be more loving and to feel God’s love. I also believe that there is no job, person or possession that will fill our desires. There is an emptiness when we seek for something to complete us. We are already complete. I hope that you will find the love you seek, but more importantly, I hope that you will feel God’s love for you.
    Peace and Blessings,

  • I just turned 48 years old and have never loved. I feel a great wonderful part of life has passed me by and can’t make it up. All my friends and family are blissful in their time together but such feelings are alien to me. Feel God and nature has left me out in the cold. How do I look positive so much love has passed me by?

  • Hi Helena,
    I thought it was very sensitive of you to reach out to this boy who was being excluded. Prayer is very powerful, so I would continue to ask God to help him. Per your request, I will keep him in my prayers too.
    Peace and blessings,

  • We have a new boy in class that looks very lonely, none of the other boys in class include him and he have been sitting alone for two weeks now since school start. He’s from the Sweden and he has comed to Norway, so I think it must be hard for him. I asked if he wanted to sit with me and some couple of friends two days ago, and he did. I asked the next day, but then he prefered to sit alone. Maybe he thought it was embrassing since we’re all girls, I don’t know… I’ve asked god if there’s anything more I can do, but guess I can just keep on praying for him. I hope that works and that he will get to know somebody soon. Maybe you could pray for him too?

  • Hello Shaun,
    I’m sorry to hear about your breakup. I pray that you will find peace and that you will take time to be mindful of the relationship that you shared. God is the God of a million chances. Look within to find the power of God’s love. Meditate on Psalm 147:3, “He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds.”
    Peace to you,

  • Hi Anne,
    I have prayed for you. Let me give you words from Jesus from John 16:32 and 33, “Behold the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace, in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
    Hold onto these words when you are feeling alone, because you are not alone.

  • Hi Jackie. I am feeling really alone and I ask that you please pray for me.

  • my boyfriend just dissapeared and broke up with me 3 months back and this have left me heart broken and very lonely.please pray for me heart to get peace and move on with my life as he had already did

  • Hi Reina,
    Thank you for commenting and for the blessing. We all feel empty from time to time. May your time of emptiness be short. May God’s love fill your empty places.
    Peace to you,

  • Thank you for this prayer. It gives me relief at this time of emptiness. God bless your ministry.

  • Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for the lovely comment. I love what you said about reaching out to someone and how God’s love binds us together. You will be a blessing to others, and God will bless you for it.

  • What a lovely prayer. It made me realize 2 things.
    1. That we are all alone.
    2. we are together in our aloneness.
    Today I will reach out to someone and also remember that God’s
    love is what we have in common and it binds us together.
    Thank you.

  • I’m sorry that you are hurting and am praying for you. May you find God’s love and comfort.
    Peace to you,

  • I am 64yrs.old and my partner has left me. My heart is so broken and hurt. pls. pray for me that I will overcome and my life will be filled with the right soulmate.

  • Dear Libby,
    Thank you for your comment and my heart goes out to you. Never ever think that you are useless. My prayers go out to you.

  • I’m printing this too! I have been widowed now for 12 years. Sometimes the loneliness is unbearable. I know what it feels like to desperately want someone to talk too, someone to hug, someone to care. I have 3 grown children, but they have very busy lives. Jobs, homes and children of their own, lots of stress and activities and they just don’t have time for me. Sometimes I just feel so useless. It’s hard not to get depressed.

  • Dear Mike,
    Thank you for commenting and for your honesty. I’m sorry that you are going through this lonely time right now and my heart goes out to you.

    When I wrote this prayer, I wrote it from the place I was when I went through a very tough divorce. I had moved out of my dream home and away from a life of being a couple for 20 years. I was unemployed and down to my last nickel. Except for my dog Duffy, I was alone. It had been years since I had had any physical contact. My heart and body ached for love and comfort.

    I attended a retreat where one of the exercises involved standing in front of someone in a big circle. Everyone was blindfolded. To be honest, I don’t remember what the exercise was supposed to do, but we hugged the person without seeing them. I could tell that it was a big, burly man by the shear size of his body. I remember melting into a puddle of tears because I had gone for so long without being hugged. I had so missed a physical touch.

    That’s why I wrote the third line: I miss a human touch, someone to take my hand or give me a hug.

    I know it doesn’t seem fair. After all, God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” We were created with physical desires.

    I pray that you will make it through this lonely time leaning on God’s love to fill the empty places and that God will provide the right partner for you.

    Peace to you and to all who are in a lonely space…

  • i am never alone because You are with me is all sweet & good, but we lonely people don’t want “You” or God to be with us, we prefer another human being of the opposite sex for companionship in order not to feel hollow. A prayer addressing this needs to be made—one which God will quell the burning of a lack of romantic love and one in which God will bring romantic non-plutonic love to the Lonely.

  • Hi Chrissie,
    Your comment struck me of how moving half-way around the world would make things easier. Unfortunately, if you don’t let go of your pain, you will take it with you and never out run it. I hope that you can let go and let God take away the hurt and the pain so that you can be free.
    Peace and courage to you.

  • Thank you Jackie for your support i have done as you asked but its hard to let go a of a lifetime of hurt and isolation. I had thought that moving half way around the world would would make things easier but i was wrong. Im not sure how things will work out for me but i have my husband and my thoughts that there my be a plan for me out there that was meant for me. Sometimes its easy to lose site of it but i know that its there. Thank you

  • My heart goes out to you in your sadness. Our God is the God of love and wholeness. You are fortunate to be married to a wonderful man. I am married to a wonderful man too. But I believe that God put a need in our hearts that only His loving Spirit can fill. In my sadness, I know that God is always there. I am never alone. YOU are never alone. God is waiting to pick up the broken pieces of your shattered life and make you whole. Seek His healing and attention. Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” Ask God to take your loneliness and sadness away. He will. Let go of the past. It is past. Dwelling in the past causes more suffering. Until you do that, you can’t move forward and into joy.
    May joy return to you.

  • I am married to a wonderfull man but at times i am so very lonely i have no friends nearby and no children. No one socialises with us even though we have lived in this small town for four years and i work in the the local school. I am one of seven siblings but was raised apart from them by my grandmother from when i was just two weeks old untill i was fourteen years old. Sadly i rebelled and became ill. My mother would not take me to the dr after four weeks my grandmother took me and i was sent to the hospital straight away. The result infertility and a shattered life. Please help me i am so lonely and sad all the time.

  • Beautifully said.

  • you are not alone, not ever, you are loved, hear, see his word and smile, feel!
    his word is all, his love never fails and you are a child of the lord he comforts and holds. Be not afraid.

  • Hi KT. I have not read this book, but thank you for sharing this resource that has helped you. It’s important on our spiritual path to also know that we are not “alone” in the doubts, fears and feelings that we share. Being without another life partner is a chance to connect and draw closer to God. Make your prayers intentional for God to take away the loneliness. I am reminded of Jesus in his ministry. People would shout and crowd in to see him to ask for help and healing. He responded consistently with this question, “What do you want?”
    May God’s love continue to enfold you.

  • Hello Denise, I pray and hope things are looking up for you! Here is a name of a book that had wonderful prayers and it really helped me. ” Single to God” by Douglas Fagerstrom. These are personal prayers by single adults through everyday life. I had this book for some time and when I was having that feeling of loneliness, thank God I found my book. Keep the faith and just believe!

  • I didn’t bring a whole person to my first marriage. There was a lot of work and healing that I needed to do. I’ve found that as soon as I surrender to God, not only is my pain taken away, but miracles happen too. I told God that I expected to be alone the rest of my life for messing up. But God is the God of second, third and a million chances. After surrendering, letting go and becoming whole, I met Robert. We will be married for nine years in October and together for ten years. Pray to be more giving without expecting anything in return. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • I am a Christian man going through a very scary time. I pray very hard and very often that God will bring me the love of my life. I’ve been very successful in my professional life but in my personal life not so much. It hurts to be lonely. Lord thy will be done. I patiently wait for your healing.

  • I’m glad that the prayer could give you comfort. May your feeling of loneliness be but for an instant. John 16:32, Jesus said, “The hour is coming, indeed it has come, when you will be scattered, each one to his home, and you will leave me alone. Yet I am not alone because the Father is with me.

  • Hi. Thank you for this prayer. I feel so alone and I really don’t like this feeling.

  • Thank u for responding! I truly feel much better and I will definitely continue on my journey because it gives me much joy.

    God bless,

  • Thank you for the comment and for sharing your story. What a blessing to return to your spiritual self. The spiritual self is our true essence and core of who we are. We are all unique and amazing beings that God created. I believe that we all experience loneliness. Until we understand that we are loved with a Divine and perfect love, and that God is always with us and within us, we will feel loneliness. God created us to be in relationship. Of course, it is always a blessing to share the journey with another soul mate or companion. We were meant to be in community. So, I would encourage all to do as KT states, to stay prayerful and believe. I would also say that if you are isolated or lonely, find a church or group that you can connect with. It’s important to be with others. KT, I wish you to continue to grow and nurture your spiritual self. May your relationship continue to grow and flourish.
    Peace and blessings,

  • Such a beautiful prayer! The love of my life walked out of my life long ago however after all these years he returned to me for guidance and realizes that he made a mistake! We are the best of friends and we both learned from this experience! It brought me back to my spiritual self! I have had women groups which I provide inspirational speaking! But I still have those moments of feeling lonely however, I take the time to think how amazing my GOD is and this allows me to keep the faith! So for those that have moments of loneliness… just remember that God hears our prayers! One day that special someone might just be knocking on your door! Stay prayerful and believe!

  • May you not feel alone. Psalm 121:3 He who keeps you will not slumber. Matthew 28:20 I am with you always, to the end of the age.

  • this prayer I am printing off and putting on my wall I am so lonely at the moment

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