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What is Spiritual Direction and How to Find a Spiritual Director

What is spiritual direction and what is a spiritual director? I had never heard the term spiritual director or spiritual direction until 2009. My pastor friend Karen and I share... Read More

A Note to Children Dealing With Aging Parents – Tap Into Divine Time Management

I have joined the ranks of caring for an aging parent ten years ago. My son was off to college, I had started my own, growing consulting business and was... Read More

The Law of Attraction and the Christian Faith Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about The Law of Attraction and the Christian Faith Part 1 where I shared a true story that happened to me when I attracted a past connection... Read More

Are You Paying Attention? God can Answer in Funny Ways

Perhaps you’ve heard this joke before, but it bears repeating even if you have. A town was being pelted by rain. The local river was in danger of flooding so... Read More

God’s Power Steering – Don’t Let Go of the Wheel – Just Keep Moving

I have to admit that I struggle as I get older with realizing the concept of having less time than in my youth. There are so many things that I... Read More

The True Test When My Husband Lost His Job on New Year’s Eve

It will be thirteen years since I left the corporate rat race to forge my own entrepreneurial path. The plan had been for my husband to keep working for the... Read More

Dwell on the Past – Worry about the Future – Miss Out on Living

If you’ve ever attended Sunday school as a kid, or if you are familiar at all with the Bible, surely you’ve heard the story of Moses and the burning bush.... Read More

Get Angry at God – He Can Take It

In seeking a life guided by God, I have experienced the most profound understanding of God’s love for me after venting raw emotions. Whether you are experiencing great frustration, grief... Read More