Live in the Present Moment Two Tips to Tame Run Away Thoughts


Let Go of Fear


Letting go of fear is a good start. In the case of the antelope, there was clear reason to fear. It was in real physical danger. Acting on its instincts, it ran from the danger. In this case, fear was a gift. Fear helped to free the antelope from danger. The antelope let go of the fear once it was over.


Let Go of the Past


Holding onto the past in the form of mistakes or events keeps you stuck. It’s hard to live in the present moment when you are stuck in the past. You need to forgive yourself or others and let the past go.


While I am not wishing to be an antelope, I would like to be able to adopt a trait of living more in the present moment – not dwelling on the past – and not fretting about the future, but just being and being filled with joy.


As Christians, we are also supposed to exude joy. Jesus says in John 15:11 – “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”


So, the next time you start those endless loop thoughts, whatever those thoughts may be, remember the antelope. Let those thoughts go. As a human, you have the power to create those thoughts. You also have the power to clear those thoughts away. Simple, yes. Easy, no. But you have the power to control your thoughts and live and thrive in the present moment.


If you have run-away thoughts, tame them by learning to be still. I’ve also created a new resource: Let it Go – 10 Meditative Affirmations to Let Go and Let God. This resource was created specifically to let go and let God help you to step into the ultimate person God created you to be. Find out how to Let it Go.







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