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The Law of Attraction and the Christian Faith Part 1

There’s been a lot of buzz for decades about The Law of Attraction. Classes, books, workshops, even a movie was made to teach people how to harness this law. The... Read More

Modern Day Good Samaritan A Random Act of Kindness

There always seems to be depressing headlines in the news, but here’s a story¬† about some good news. It’s the story of a modern day Good Samaritan (the original, in... Read More

Are You Tending to Weeds in Your Garden?

Robert and I were at dinner a few weeks back. We had the entire section of the restaurant to ourselves until an older gentleman came in and sat down at... Read More

God’s Sense of Humor – Joy Comes in the Morning

Humor, laughter, joy – It’s all part of being a Christian. So, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been writing about some pretty serious stuff lately. All of... Read More

God Bless Fathers On Earth and In Heaven

Father’s Day is a time when Dad’s have their day. Father’s Day cards are filled with messages of, “Relax, You’ve Earned It!” and images of men sitting in front of... Read More

It’s Okay to Get Angry – Sometimes Releasing Anger is Just What You Need

Now the title of my post of saying It’s okay to get angry does not encourage you to go off on someone or lose your temper. That’s not what I... Read More