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Live in the Present Moment Two Tips to Tame Run Away Thoughts

If you want to live in the present moment and tame your run-away thoughts, all you need to do is learn from animals and think like an antelope. Seriously, stay... Read More

When You are Feeling Overwhelmed and Life is Too Much to Bear Remember Easter Week

If you are going through some really tough times, and I mean really tough times: the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one either to death or... Read More

To Meditate or Not Meditate Why Some Don’t Practice Meditation

To meditate or not meditate, that is the question.  Meditation has been a spiritual practice for centuries. Reducing stress, gaining focus and developing a deeper relationship with God are all... Read More

God Loves Us Especially in Our Messes

God loves us especially in our messes. This whole mess business was inspired by a huge renovation project that is going on at my church and a lovely email I... Read More

Being Happy It is Not the Pursuit of Happiness

Being happy. Are you happy? I found that happiness has more to do with being than pursuing. Perhaps the most profound example of happiness I’ve encountered was on a mission... Read More

How to Have Hope With Glimpses of Heaven

. Hope is what we cling to when everything around us can be falling apart. Having hope keeps us motivated to keep on keeping on. In the original Star Wars... Read More