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Seeking and Finding Abundant Wholeness

In order to attain abundant wholeness, we must experience many peaks and valleys. Until we walk through our dark times, we can’t experience true light. (Watch my video Help for... Read More

How to Listen – God Gave us Two Ears that are Open All of the Time

Someone said the other evening at a church meeting that God gave us two ears that were always open and one mouth that we could shut. I had never “heard” it... Read More

God Bless Mothers On Earth and In Heaven

If it’s May it means Mother’s Day, and if you are a mom like me, every day should be Mother’s Day, right? For many, it’s a time of celebration. For... Read More

Learning How to Love Thanks to My Labrador Retriever, Wilson

Love for a dog. Easy, right? It wasn’t in the case of Wilson, the yellow lab, also known as JD – Juvenile Delinquent. When we adopted Wilson, he was about... Read More

God’s Greetings Cards – His Eye is on the Sparrow

Spring for me holds a new promise of life, hope and new beginnings. It’s become my favorite time of the year. I have come through some very difficult times and... Read More

A Prayer for Guidance

I came across this Prayer for Guidance doing some spring cleaning. It was hand-written on a yellow piece of paper and folded neatly into four parts. On the outside were... Read More