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Christmas Ideas Send Real Christmas Cards – Quick, Easy, Personalized Christmas Cards

As part of being overwhelmed at Christmas – in the past – I have let the month go by and have not sent Christmas cards. For the friends and loved... Read More

Christmas Ideas – Attend Church and Festive Services

Christmas is a great time to attend church and festive services. There are pageants, musicals, midnight services and a variety of ways to celebrate the season. If you don’t attend... Read More

Christmas Ideas – Chop Down a Real Christmas Tree

If you have never trekked out into the woods to chop down a Christmas tree, it is quite an experience. When Robert and  I got married, my son was fourteen... Read More

Christmas Ideas – Start a New Christmas Tradition

If there is something that you and your family have thought about and talked about but have never done, make this Christmas season the time that you do it! Start... Read More

Christmas Ideas Volunteer to Help Others This Christmas

The need is always great within our communities, but the holidays seem to magnify the need.  While Christmas is a time for celebration, many will have a not so Merry... Read More

Christmas Ideas – Idea Number 2 – Ask someone you admire for a recipe

There is no other time of the year where there is such a variety of food. Chances are that you have a friend, family member or loved one that has... Read More