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Bible Study, Self Help Books and Personal Development – The Big Paradox

The book stores are filled with isles and isles of self help and personal development books. Topics to help you be motivated, achieve success, how to combat depression, anxiety, improve... Read More

How to Find the Real Loving God

Are you a wounded Christian in search of a loving God you feel in your heart has to exist? This whole topic that I am about to share with you... Read More

Are You Paying Attention? God can Answer in Funny Ways

Perhaps you’ve heard this joke before, but it bears repeating even if you have. A town was being pelted by rain. The local river was in danger of flooding so... Read More

As Christians, We All Belong to One Another So Support One Another

In the book of Romans, chapter 12 and verses 4-6, Paul says: Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have... Read More

Do Otters Meditate?

I absolutely love otters. I remember as a kid watching Disney stories on Sundays and one particular episode showed a family that had two river otters that played and created... Read More

The True Definition of Love – Bible Verses on Love

You can’t talk about love and Bible verses on love without quoting the apostle Paul from I Corinthians Chapter 13. This famous chapter is quoted at virtually every wedding ceremony.... Read More